Can someone explain to me the point of unlocking content after beating a game?

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  3. Can someone explain to me the point of unlocking content after beating a game?

User Info: Nomchan

7 years ago#21
I actually think its a good move. Otherwise you could end up doing hours of extra content while the story starts to get stale in your mind. Im glad that the game forces me to beat it before the end game content after all the storys over now you just play because you appreciate the game play. Which sense 13's gameplay is top notch im sure most will enjoy the gameplay continuation. Not to mention the end game content is harder than the end game boss. So doing all the content and then fighting the boss would just be a watered down easy win. Sorry TC i think your complaint is more based on old school nostalgic concepts than actual reasoning.

This, pretty much.

If you could do all of the missions before beating the game, the final boss would be completely anti-climatic.
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User Info: takustar

7 years ago#22
I agree with Katashi.

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User Info: CronoDyne

7 years ago#23
Blah blah blah! So the developer gives you some extra content to play if you beat the game be it a extra mode to play or a hidden dungeon what ever the fact is you are complaining about totsl BS no one makes you play the game again.

Its bonus content thet the devs reward you with for completing the game like it or not me personaly i like the fact when i beat a game i canunlock a new mode or another reason to go through the $60 game i bought.

My gos folks complain about the dumbest crap and just know due to mods im not cursing your whiney butt out.

Angry fanboys who bring nothing into the conversation.. *sigh*

So you're saying you want grind to max to fight the extra bosses than light the story boss? lol ok

Because that's what I said, right? Mhmm. Exactly.

No one has yet to explain the logic in putting content after a game is finished rather than before. Let me put it another way. I try to do everything possible in a game before the conclusion of the game because it's just that, the conclusion of the game. If I want to replay the game, I will. But I save the final boss for last, because it's the END of the game. I beat the boss, watch the ending, see the credits roll, turn off the game, and am satisfied I completed it. I don't want to be forced to go through all that just to start it up again to finish something I should have been able to finish before.
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User Info: chaosflame108

7 years ago#24
Actually i'm kind of surprised but i agree with chaosflame.
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User Info: psostrife2000

7 years ago#25
If you cant comprehend the reasoning for extra content then you need medical help.
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User Info: meisterduder

7 years ago#26
I'm not sure how this FF works but all the previous ones you could do all the side stuff before actually beating the game. I really don't understand why anyone would want to do this unless they aren't confident about beating the last boss, which is just silly.

If that's what you want to do then do it and quit complaining. I don't get your argument. You have a choice to do that and i'm glad the dev gives us to skip it, unless this game forces you to beat first. In that case my bad.

Oh and trophy's is one reason to do extra content.

User Info: JoeSkeletor

7 years ago#27
Several posters have answered your concerns but your to busy being a douche. They add extra crap for completing games to add replay value its totaly optional your not obligated to replay again just to see said extras.

Fact of the mater is your just a guy seeking attention. I honestly dont believe your dumb enough not to know why developers add extras for completing a damn video game and if you are that dumb god help us all.

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User Info: lumas7

7 years ago#28
they should have given a new game plus, then we can go and fill up the enemy info as well as try to hit 5 stars for all fights, then give us a trophy for it, i think that would be better

User Info: BucktownSolja

7 years ago#29
I like how TC calls joeskeletor a fanboy and says he didn't bring anything to the conversation. joeskeletor pretty much hit the nail on the head. CronoDyne just can't accept other people's opinions because he's blinded by his ignorance.

CronoDyne, is this really something worth complaining about? Do you complain when your mashed potatoes touch your pork chops?
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User Info: takustar

7 years ago#30
Some people just complain when they dont get what they want. Even if others like it, they will still moan and throw tantrums. kinda like a kid in preschool
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  3. Can someone explain to me the point of unlocking content after beating a game?

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