need help with shiva sister

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User Info: ZooM1585

7 years ago#1
ok i have to fill the gestalt gauge to win against shiva sister before the time ran out, i use different attack and combination but not of the fill the gauge fast enough. what should i do and which attack should i use.

User Info: HeroDobby

7 years ago#2
switch to sentinel and use provoke
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User Info: Brogurek

7 years ago#3

Switch to sentinel and just used steel guard when she is about to attack. Don't have to fight.

User Info: BlueHegde

7 years ago#4
Libra first so you see everything, then defend when they are attacking (not going for dmg but chain pnts) and when they are charging attack them (you need to switch between modes). The key is to defend vs the spinning move

User Info: BlueHegde

7 years ago#5
Shes immune to provoke btw

User Info: Seir4n

7 years ago#6

Just switch to def stance and auto-battle, snow will just play defensive and that will fill the small bar above its head, it will be filled with about 300sec left, then just pres squar and done

User Info: Greyfeld

7 years ago#7
You know, on one hand, I want to be helpful... but on the other, I just want to say "READ THE ****ING TUTORIAL. LITERACY IS YOUR FRIEND."
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User Info: DrakkarMagi

7 years ago#8
yes, she is immune to provoke, which is why you libra her so you don't auto-provoke her.

The other one will heal you as you defend.

User Info: TrueExecutioner

7 years ago#9
You will be able to ride them both soon enough. It took me a few attempts to get the timing down but they are pretty easy to please.
fml... >.<

User Info: ZooM1585

7 years ago#10
wow that was easy, thanks for the help guy!! :)
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