how do you defeat Odin

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User Info: ZooM1585

7 years ago#1
odin is way too strong for me, no matter what i do he kill me before i can fill the gauge. how do u defeat him.

User Info: joj0bo

7 years ago#2
medic medic

User Info: JubeiKibagami

7 years ago#3

User Info: ZooM1585

7 years ago#4
i did try medic but he kill the kid and me most of the time.

User Info: ShanPOW

7 years ago#5
Make sure to equip Spark Rings. Activate Aegisol and Fortisol shrouds before walking over the bridge.

Use Dualcasting paradigm and just bring him down, occasionally healing with Double Dose.

User Info: ShanPOW

7 years ago#6
Using the above, it took me 1 try.

User Info: BigEarnie69

7 years ago#7
Odin wasn't too bad for me personally. I beat him on the first try, but had some close calls throughout. Here's what I did:

Entered fight as Com/Med, no fortisol or aegisol. (Though these would surely help) Switched over to Rav/Rav and hammered him, switching to Rav/Med as necessary to heal and popping potions when I was cutting it a little too close. If Hope had Synergist at this point (I don't remember if he started with it or gained it by this point or whatever) I probably buffed before going on the offensive. Just make sure you Rav/Rav when you don't need healed and when he's doing the shield move, and Rav/Med when you do need healed, and you should be fine. Also, I never once used Med/Med during this fight.

Honestly, he really isn't that bad. You just need to be fast with your paradigm shifts and you should be fine. I did not have battle speed set on slow, by the way.
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User Info: Mauy666

7 years ago#8
"medic medic"

This reminds me of TF2 LawlXD

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User Info: azn_n1nj4

7 years ago#9
I started with rav/syn and let hope cast protect and shell. Then switch to rav/med and when he did he shield move switch to rav/rav then back to rav/med rinse and repeat.

User Info: trewerd

7 years ago#10
Dont get shot
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