how to beat odin?

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User Info: Capocci007ASF

7 years ago#1
how am i suppose to beat odin?

User Info: Epistemology25

7 years ago#2
Okay, I don't usually do this, but I've been on the boards for like half an hour and I've seen five of these topics.

Please, use the search function. Just type in "Odin" and you'll find a plethora of useful topics. Enjoy!
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User Info: Capocci007ASF

7 years ago#3
how do u serch

User Info: derrate

7 years ago#4
Scroll down until you see the search bar.
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User Info: gnerdus

7 years ago#5
Make Lightning a medic and keep healing Hope.
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User Info: MeepMeepz

7 years ago#6
Odin is supposed to be hard? easy on first try o.O

User Info: FoiledOcean

7 years ago#7
Make Lightning a medic, throw on some potions after Odin's first couple of attacks(I could never get Cures off fast enough to heal either me or Hope in time), then heal Hope until you see the prompt to press square.
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User Info: EZ1304

7 years ago#8
People had trouble with Odin...? How?
I have yet to find this game even slightly hard. Maybe later it gets a bit more difficult, but I doubt it.

User Info: xX_mike_Xx

7 years ago#9

make a war& peace paradigm which allows lightning to attack odin while hope heals... but have hope cast protect on shell on both your party members first. when he puts his shield up (sideways)to defend like position. switch to a dual casting and fire magic at him which gets his chain guage up quick.. when he goes to attack again switch back to war and peace to heal and such. may need to use a couple pheonix downs. and shell and protect a couple times.. but its a repeat process. just when his shield is up make sure you dual cast :).

User Info: jschristy

7 years ago#10
Start with the Symbiosis paradigm (Lightning a Medic and Hope a synergist). After Hope cast Protect and Shell on you both, switch to War & Peace, and keep having Lightning attack. Then when Odin puts up his shield, switch to Doublecaster? (both Ravagers) and spam magic; this will increase the gauge a lot. Then when his shield comes back down, go back to War & Peace, then 2xRavager when shield is back up, rinse and repeat. This method is pretty fast.
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