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7 years ago#1
cid raines boss battle how the hell do i beat him.

all the guilds n vids ive seen are of the jap version and he never changes his forms in them.

as soon as he changes he kills all my people

User Info: TakFujiWara88

7 years ago#2
My party was Fang(controlled), Hope, Lightning

Evened odds)(Sab,Syn,Med) - to begin. Fang cast slow, Hope Buffed and Lightning Healed
Relentless Assault(Com,Rav,Rav) when he healed or guarded
Diversity(Com,Med,Rav) when low on HP
Discretion(Com,Med,Med) after he used his special
Ruthless(Sab,Rav,Com) ~ to recast slow when possible

I only 3 or 4 starred the fight so there is probably a better way to beat him.


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User Info: TakFujiWara88

7 years ago#3
When he's in offensive mode you'd probably want to keep up the diversity paradigm to keep yourself healed.
"Playing Bayonetta feels like losing your virginity over and over every time you pick up the controller." ~ Echo738

User Info: DoctorBell

7 years ago#4
I used your method and five stared him in less than five minutes. Awesome

User Info: DragonR3

7 years ago#5
He is hard! I just lost over 24 battles with him, Trying different combination as I go tho
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User Info: OtEcSlOtH920

7 years ago#6
I probably had the hardest time with this battle than any other one as well. I looked up strategies online and nothing worked for me, so here is what I did.

First, I used a COM/MED/RAV and hit him as many times as possible right in the very beginning of the battle. As soon as he started to attack me, I switched to MED/SAB/SYN. The SYN hasted all 3 party members, and I don't recall what the SAB did, but I'm sure it wasn't much. As soon as he shifted phases, I switched to RAV/RAV/RAV and just pounded away at him until he broke. This way half-way through his offensive shift, so you have to get pretty lucky to survive long enough to break. Then I switched to COM/RAV/COM or COM/RAV/RAV, I don't quite remember. I just kept him in the air for the rest of the fight and finally finished him just as the stagger bar was about to regress all the way. Good luck!

User Info: SkrallRampager

7 years ago#7
Sentinel with Fang or Snow.
Let them take the beating with mediguard.

User Info: Chaotic_Anarki

7 years ago#8
I beat him with TakFujiWara88's listed setup just now after dying to him a handful of times with my own attempt, in 2 minutes 58 seconds. I caught him in a stagger literally right as he used Metamorphosis, before he was even able to use his Angelic Beam special. Then I killed him within the duration of that Stagger, it was epic considering how many times before that he just seemed to single out my controlled character and kill it.
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User Info: silverkhalsa1

7 years ago#9
I got 5 stars and a time of 3 minutes 57 seconds with 28 points per seconds

My method, after looking at TakFujiWara88, is tweeked a bit for the 5 (and thanx by the way dude for original method !)

Characters Fang / Hope / Light

1. SAB / SYN / MED
2. COM / RAV / RAV
3. COM / MED / RAV
4. COM / MED / MED
5. COM / RAV / COM

ALL my Paradigms were at LEVEL 3 !!!!

ok, the method ..........

A. Use 1. until all your party members have shield and shell. (the icon of a shield and a wizard hat) and slow should have hit cid by now ! (he'll have a red icon of a clock)

B. Once thats done, go to 2. and hit away as much as you can, if ANY of your characters energy goes about a quarter down go to 3. do not let your character energy go any lower then 75% for any of them ! you'll be switching between 2 and 3 a lot, but the chain will keep going, and hopefully you'll have your characters at energy at 100% !

C. Keep it up untill he uses his special, which will knock all your character energy below half, this is where you go to step 4. Dont worry, your chain again will keep going, and keep using it untill your characters are all back to green, around 80% - 100 %

D. Go back to step B. and carry on the chain ! By now you should be hitting the full %, once you stagger him, Finish him of with step 5 !!!!

And there you go, you should have beaten him easily under 4 and a half minutes ! It is a game at the end of the day, and the AI might use different tactics, or might get lucky, ive tried method about 5 times, and i didnt die once, hope this helps ! :D

User Info: indigoAK200

7 years ago#10
This strategy relies heavily on luck. If he casts Seraphim Ray at any point while he's staggered, your entire strategy falls apart. It's about a 50/50 split whether or not his first action while staggered is Seraphim Ray.
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