What's the best Omega weapon for Lightning ?

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User Info: AK47FMJ

7 years ago#1
Link for weapons: http://ff-13.info/lightning-sword/

I'm at the end of chapter 7. I farmed the soldiers for Gil, upgraded my Gladius and my +Strength accessory. I came out of the house, there was a boss and I was like lol, face my wrath, little boss. Then I found out you can't melee the boss and can only use magic. I was pissed lol.

Will there be other mobs/bosses that you can't melee ?

Anyway, Orgrenix Omega has the best stats(+750 STR, +750 MAG), but has "Decrease ATB Speed" debuff. Does it decrease by a lot ?

Hauteclaire Omega has +711 STR, +711 MAG, but no breaks. It means you don't gain break bar, or does it mean that you still gain break bar as normal, but just can't stagger the enemy ?

Lionheart Omega, +508 STR, +508 MAG, has the buff "Break early". How early ? You can stagger the enemy when the break bar is at 80% or something ?

The Blazefire Omega is nice too, +620 STR, +620 MAG with no penalty.

The Gladius seems great now, but it has low magic at the end (+723 STR, +210 MAG). Should I continue to upgrade it up to the end ?

What weapon did/will you guys choose to upgrade ?

Another question, to break boost, you guys use RAV/RAV/RAV or COM/RAV/RAV ?

RAV/RAV/RAV gives better boost, but also depletes very fast. COM/RAV/RAV gain less, but more steady.

User Info: gallantknight

7 years ago#2
COM/RAV/RAV to get it started and so the rate at which the gauge goes down is slower then switch to RAV/RAV/RAV to make the process of breaking the gauge faster
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User Info: Omega_Gilgamesh

7 years ago#3
Will there be other mobs/bosses that you can't melee ?,

Basically any enemy that's airborn. Also when an enemy is resistent to physical attacks, the Auto-Battle command automatically selects Ruin for Commandos.
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User Info: AlphaWhelp

7 years ago#4
The main reason you should use COM/RAV/RAV has nothing to do with the stagger meter, but rather, the launch ability that COM has after the enemy has been staggered.
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User Info: kingofjamaica

7 years ago#5
From what I've been hearing on these boards, when you upgrade to Omega Weapon you lose the special property of the sword, so you would lose either ATB Charge or Quick Stagger.
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User Info: arkff7

7 years ago#6
not quite. most retain their special property, but lose their synthesis group bonus (like boost, gestalt, etc)

for lightning i'm probably going to go with the quickstagger version from lionheart to make up for the stagger lock on my fangs stagger lock weapon.

User Info: marcthemagicbum

7 years ago#7
I prefer the Gladius family upgrades! ^_^
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User Info: XdeathstrikeX14

7 years ago#8
Why is launch a bad thing!? It stops the enemy from attacking you...

User Info: Aklep2

7 years ago#9
All ultimate weapons lose their synthesized ability because they become "Independent". They all of course keep their special property. As of right now I've gone with the axis blade combined some other accessories to get +30% ATB rate.
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