Gatling Gun is too cruel...

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User Info: CompetitiveEdge

7 years ago#1
I've been sailing along with no trouble at all, I hadn't died once up to this point; but now I'm in PalumPolum, fighting this Valco_ bike-type enemy; I just can't seem to get by...I dodged him the first time, but I haven't been as lucky on the second one.

I've already been killed in the same fight 3 consecutive times, I can't seem to avoid the battle no matter how hard I try, and this Gatling Gun attack is killing a protected, sentinel Snow with full HP in 1-shot every time.

The charge for that move doesn't even take very long, so I have to play defensively for the entire fight when it's defense/hp are both high, and even if I do steel-guard at the right time, the move still brings him to critical health(at full hp, with protect on), making it easy for him to be killed on the very next attack.

Am I missing something, or is this random fight just that much harder than any other enemy I've faced so far, including bosses?

User Info: Tziggyx

7 years ago#2
You need SEN/MED to survive it.
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User Info: traveltheory

7 years ago#3
its really easy to switch to sentinel when gattling gun charges up.

User Info: konokonohamaru

7 years ago#4
What they said. Use Sentinel

User Info: courteroy

7 years ago#5
Use da' mango sentinel
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User Info: traveltheory

7 years ago#6
if its killing snow at full hp, then he doesnt have enough hp. Check is items and load him with something that reduces physical damage, adds hp, or induces auto protect if need be. I dont remember if you can cast protect at that point.

The other reason would be you didnt buy enough HP spheres. Enter and leave areas to respawn enemies and get cp, go further up the commando and sent trees till you have more hp.

User Info: CompetitiveEdge

7 years ago#7
I know, that seemed like the obvious way to go, but sentinel's skills are so slow, and he always starts charging when I'm about halfway through the bar, and it usually ends up hitting me right when I stop guarding...I guess I'll have to keep trying, but this fight is getting pretty frustrating...>.>.

User Info: kholdstare5234

7 years ago#8
Yeah think about using a sentinal
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User Info: konokonohamaru

7 years ago#9
Press triangle to use Steelguard before the ATB gauge is fully charged

User Info: Mr_V

7 years ago#10
Is Snow actually guarding? Being a sentinel doesn't automatically let him live, he has to use steelguard.
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