Gran Pulse Giant Turtles

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User Info: Raiden18

7 years ago#1

How do you beat those Giant Turtles? Do you need to get max stats to even damage them?

User Info: Destructers

7 years ago#2
I stay in Gran Pulse for 30 hours, still can't beat the big one. You need to beat the game to unlock Stage 10 and do lots of CP grind before you can touch those.

User Info: Raiden18

7 years ago#3
I tried it and I was dead in one stomp :0
Stage 10? You mean you can continue where you are after you beat the game? Is there some kind of ultimate boss in this game?

User Info: Destructers

7 years ago#4
The higher mission one has really difficult bosses, I tried some and got kill in less than 1 mins. And yes, once you beat the final boss, you can continue to play like others RPG before final boss.

User Info: KingofKH

7 years ago#5
What about the big Titan in the distance? I've tried to go get game overed by him but can't find a way.

User Info: Destructers

7 years ago#6
Can't fight him, but you can take up on Titan's challenge with mission from 35-50 in that areas. The 45-50 one are really tough since they are hand picked by Titan himself.

To get there, get to Ochu area and continue up.

Seriously, just to kill Adanmantoise is hard enough and yet Titan has them for breakfast, I am sure your attack is like breeze of wind to Titan.

User Info: Noobtype

7 years ago#7
i beat mission 63 in ch11 (after killing the ch 11 boss which gives u to CL 9), so it is possible

start off with fang enchanter with buffs on 3 characters, summon, then buff bahamut (with haste and bravery), switch to jammer, after that few debuffs switch to attacker and dont go into drive mode. once all ur characters are out switch blaster/blaster/blaster until 850-900%, then attacker/attacker/attacker, and use highwind on fang when the tortise about to get up
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User Info: JIM12306

7 years ago#8
I was just looking for an answer to this as well and i came across this topic....

So i think i might give that a go.

Though at the moment my Crystarium is only level 8 (i only just started Chapter 11 a short while ago) and i haven't even maxed out any of the Roles that were unlocked at Crystarium level 8 yet. So it'll still be a little while yet before i can pull that off.

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User Info: FelixZA

7 years ago#9
If you want to beat them then you need upgraded accessories so you can withstand that 9000+ dmg stomp.
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User Info: DreikoSaMa

7 years ago#10

Do this.
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