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User Info: LiquidMGSolid

7 years ago#1
Is it worth upgrading my weaps i upgraded my gladius for lightning to level 10. It made the game easy but i am assuming new weaps will come soon or i will lose control of lightning again . I am in chapter 4 i created seperate save file in case its a bad choice -
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User Info: xxpredmanxx

7 years ago#2
you will not regret upping gladius

User Info: Alba_Lucius_F

7 years ago#3
Pretty much personal preference I say in the end one of them will be upgraded to omega weapon with these stats:

Omega weapon:
1st Tier--------------(2nd) Tier----------------STR----MAG----Ability
Blaze Edge----------(Flamberge)------------- +620 +620 ATB+1
Lionheart------------(Ultima Weapon)--------+508 +508 Early Break,ATB+1
Gladius---------------(Helter Skelter)----------+723 +210 ATB+1
Saber Carbon------(Slash Carbon)----------+210 +723 ATB+1
Axis Blade ----------(Enkindler)----------------+315 +315 Recovers ATB on attacks, ATB+1
Hauteclaire----------(Durandal)----------------+711 +711 No Breaks, ATB+1
Lifesaber ------------(Peacemaker)-----------+520 +520 High HP recovered when raised, ATB+1
Ogrenix---------------(Apocalypse)-------------+750 +750 ATB recovery speed reduced, ATB+1

Remember only one of them can be upgraded to Omega weapon

User Info: Renzenku1

7 years ago#4
I'm pretty sure you can level all of the weapons to their ultimate forms....

You just need to grind for more items and such...

Dismantling also would help if you could only do one.
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User Info: TwilightE

7 years ago#5
I wouldn't bother upgrading your weapons here and there. The most cost effective way of doing it is maxing out its current form in one go. You can do this by initially using 36 Sturdy Bone (amongst other items) and then coming back with a large amount of another mechanical item, I've been using Crankshafts in chapter 9 for lack of a better choice. Doing it this way I can get my first forms maxed with about 20-30 Crankshafts.

The Gladius? If you're keeping Lightning as your commando it's probably worth it but I personally have her as a ravager now so the Blazefire saber I feel is a more balanced choice for that role.
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User Info: prezedent_kupo

7 years ago#6
Rather than starting another topic, I might as well post in this one.

Similar question to OP except I'm wondering about the following: I'm now on chapter 10 and have done no grinding, don't skip (most) battles, don't buy stuff (no gil lol), and have a lot of components in my inventory.
So far I haven't upgraded anything and for the most part the game has been relatively straightforward with the battle system allowing me to quickly switch and adapt to most situations.
Just wondering then, is there anything that's considered an essential upgrade? The last battle I had problems with is boss of chapter 9 which took me a good few tries to do, but nothing epicly close.

Just wondering about components too, it says some components will add exp bonuses etc.

A guide on upgrading would be awesome or an explanation of the various ways components work (I can see exp value but no indication of whether or not it'll increase exp gains, for example.)

I'm gonna post this now and see an upgrade faq in the faqs section aren't I? :P
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User Info: TwilightE

7 years ago#7
I don't think there's any essential upgrade but you're at a point in the game where I would recommend getting star level of the primary form of your weapon since it's easily doable. You say you have no money but have you sold your incentive and credit chips? Naturally you won't have much money at all but in selling incentive chips I had close to 100k alone on those.

If you get some money I'd recommend using the method in my previous post although you may have access to a better secondary item choice than the crankshaft, you want one which grants the best base exp value vs. cost. Superconducters for example are much better than crankshafts but cost the same (not in my shops yet).
Lies written in ink can not disguise facts written in blood. -Lu Xun-

User Info: prezedent_kupo

7 years ago#8
ok so you use 36 sturdy bones... is this to boost exp gain? and then use 20-30 crankshafts (it's all I have available too) to get it to lvl 20? (* level)
GT: x Y So Srs x
PSN ID: Dr-Richu

User Info: Annuvyn

7 years ago#9
"I'm pretty sure you can level all of the weapons to their ultimate forms....

You just need to grind for more items and such..."


except the ctalys needed costs 2 million Gil.

however you can dismantle Fangs or Vanilles (the pulse girls are kinda unique in several ways) final weapon to get 3 of those ctaalyst from each plus a bunch of other stuff.

As for Gladius. Newbies choice. Not wrong but in no way optimum.

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User Info: Viril

7 years ago#10
Well, while we're on the subject...would one suggest Ogrenix or Hauteclair for a 'balanced' Lightning? Is the speed disadvantage of Ogrenix a big deal, or can it be worked around? I've seen it suggested before, but the power loss for Hauteclair doesn't seem that big, and it has another bonus on top of that, so I figured I'd ask. Keep in mind I don't actually HAVE either of these yet, so I haven't had a chance to experiment.

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