Wladislaus (Chapter 13)

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User Info: Pervert_Kuhn

7 years ago#1
How do I beat this guy? I mean, I know the fight is optional (I can squeeze by him), but damn. I thought there wouldn't be any normal encounter enemies I couldn't fight until post-game. This particular fight is one against one Wladislaus and one Sanctum Templar. By the way, Wladislaus is the Cie'th enemy with a big sword.

I quickly figured out that the best way to deal with the fight is kill the Sanctum Templar first. So I did. From that point on, since Wladislaus's attacks were so strong, I had to constantly be in Sentinel mode. So I switched between Delta Attack (SEN/COM/RAV), Combat Clinic (SEN/MED/MED) and Protection (SEN/MED/SYN) as needed.

Once I got the guy's HP down to about half, he does his normal charge-up slash, and it took Fang (whom I control) from full HP to about 50 HP while guarding. How am I supposed to deal with that? Should I just avoid this enemy or something?
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User Info: SolaceIX

7 years ago#2
He only does as much damage as he does when you don't have any buffs. I would say Lightning, Fang, Hope is perfect with Med-Sen-Syn until you have at least 6 buffs. Then just go mystic tower or aggression on him (Rav-Sen-Rav, Com-Com-Rav)
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User Info: turbo513

7 years ago#3
He casts Mounting contempt - Removes several debuffs and hits the target for 5-8k. casts every 20-30 or so.

Have a Paradigm: Evened odds, Protection and Diversity

Start with: Evened Odds. healing while buffing everyone. 20-30 sec in switch to a Paradigm with a Sentinel I used: Protection to keep adding buffs while the Sentinel challenged and absorbed the blow making it deal 1-3k damage.

Switch to Diversity to deal damage then 20sec switch back to use the sentinel.

If hes targeting your party leader, its a good idea to get your sentinel out early (15-20sec) to have plenty of time to taunt and guard. otherwise if he hits your party leader with no protect on you'll likely die.

The more buffs you have, the less damage is deals (unconfirmed) and it also removes 2-3 buffs every time if strikes.

Hope this helps ^.^

I made a mini guide for it. hope it helps.

User Info: Illusions1980

7 years ago#4
Use a deceptisol before you come in contact with him, it starts the fight with him in a staggered state, start it with something offensive like com/rav/rav or rav/rav/rav or whatever and focus on him, he will drop in 10 seconds. Also once you get past him, of you fight the other 2 mobs including the single Wladislaus, you can go back down and save the game, then there are 2 squares that become "elevators" on the bottom floor, one takes you back up to the single Wladisaus, and the other to the Jabberwocky/Bandersnatch, bypassing the Wladislaus/Templar. You can grind on one or both of these mobs for 32,000 CP each fight. It's probably THE best grinding spot in the game, however if you continue past it you cannot come back ever. I grinded them for a few hours and maxed pretty much everyone's main 3 Crystariums as well as built up around 700k CP to save for maxing out to level 5 for each character in one role.
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User Info: Bunnywunny

7 years ago#5
his focus thing casts deshell and deprotect on his target while he's charging it. so having shell and protect would cancel out the negative and therefor less damage. Also, he has pathetically low hp.
fighting him alone is just a matter of keeping up a templar the whole fight and putting in a medic each time he starts the charge. It only does 2-3k on a guarding templar and if you switch in a medic as soon as he starts there's a good chance they will esuna them off before he swings making it do very little.

in that dual fight just use a deceptisol and blow him up immediately. Can tell he wasn't designed to be staggered with that 990% limit
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