Organyx or Lionheart or other??

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User Info: StarcraftTerran

7 years ago#1
quick noob question for lightning
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User Info: airblade369

7 years ago#2
Lionheart IMO

good str/magic and has stagger boost

User Info: Sorontar

7 years ago#3

Not to pick on you, but I wonder sometimes if people think things through.

Even lightning's strongest weapons are 200-300 STR behind other characters like Fang. She has other uses. And who the heck wants -70% ATB charge? LOL.

Organyx is without a doubt the WORST weapon in the game potentially. It is weak (compared to other weapon, and Lightning doesn't have much STR anyway) and has the worst effect.

Lionheart Lionheart Lionheart.

Breaks early, and can synthesize "Lucky Break" with only one acc. slot. Also, Lionheart/Ultima are really cool looking.

User Info: Newhopes

7 years ago#4

Depends on what role your using her in, I use her as a Ravager and back up Medic so I went with Edged carbine.

User Info: Arkane Denial

Arkane Denial
7 years ago#5
Why is Organyx and not Ogre Nix?

Man, internet lingo, it makes me lol.
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User Info: beakytoucan

7 years ago#6
Can someone verify that Lionheart's early stagger is really worth it? For some reason, I don't really expect this ability to contribute much and it makes me more inclined to upgrade Gladius instead.

User Info: gimmegmailemail

7 years ago#7
It's all preference. Just pick your poison. Lionheart IMO is the best overall, depends on how you play her. I use light as both rav/commando so I like a balanced weapon.

Lionheart will let you stagger enemies at 85% of the meter which can be helpful. Pretty decent balanced stats.

Blazefire won't give you any abilities but when turned into omega weapon it has better stats than Lionheart (+100 more str/mag compared to Lionheart).

Organyx has the best stats (not by that much maybe like 200 str/mag more than Lionheart) but then you'll be twice as slow. Not worth it.

Axis Blade will let you build ATB faster but it has the worst stats.

Gladius has almost as good Str as the Organyx but horrible magic stat. No ability. Good for people who use Light in commando a lot.

Hauteclaire has almost as good stats for both str/mag as Organyx but you can't stagger enemies with Light.

Losing 100-200 str/mag is fine with me if I can stagger enemies faster.

User Info: boomerthom

7 years ago#8
Why is Organyx and not Ogre Nix?

It's a reference to Cloud's Organics weapon in FF7.
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User Info: Mirokumatt

7 years ago#9
(Hauteclaire has almost as good stats for both str/mag as Organyx but you can't stagger enemies with Light.)

I picked this weapon because the stats are very nice. You can still get the instant chain ability (with one more item) and the stagger lock is not so bad, when i know am am goign to stagger i make sure a teammate will do it for me. I like Axis Blade too.
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User Info: Brakkis

7 years ago#10
Ya, people not using Hauteclaire/Durandal because of the Stagger Lock are simply people who don't know how to use a proper team, or they do, but they're fighting something they want to Stagger rapidly and repeatedly, so they use Lionheart/Ultima Weapon because it can do that.

Personally I stick with those 2 weapons and switch depending on what I'm going in to fight.
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