Trapezohedron Farming

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User Info: SoulLancer

7 years ago#1
Ever read the offical guides way to to farm trapezohedrons and thought "where the hell do i get the first one!?". not to mention the approx 1.5mil gil needed to fund an ultimate weapon to max. There is a very simple way to aquire an ultimate weapon that doesnt involve spending millions just to get the catalyst.

this all revolves around mission 63.

Mission 63 requires you to hunt an adamantoise which if you take head on you'll so find it has the defense of an armoured tank.

There are two simple ways to get around this. one for a weaker party and one for a more advanced.

Stronger parties (3 main roles completed or more) use the set up of fang/light/hope or vanille (personal choice here doesnt really matter), with fang acting as leader and SAB. Start the fight by summoning bahamut which takes out the legs and renders it useless. while on the ground it is succeptible to slow deprotect deshell and imperil. after these have been applied switch to gestalt and use the special straight away. after bahamut leaves the battle switch to relentless assault and pound away until the chain guage is at 999%. after which switch to agression (COM COM RAV) to finish it off. if all goes well it should die before it stands up.

For weaker parties the set up is Vanille/Snow/Hope. This may seem odd but is very efffective. Equip Vanille with Belladona Wand or even better Malboro Wand for the improved debuffing. Snow as SEN while hope switches between SYN and MED. The main aim of this strategy is to use Vanilles unique ability, death. If successful it will instantly KO the adamantoise leaving you to reap the rewards. Start the battle in Premediatation ( SAB SEN SYN) and cast dxeath once. This will allow you Hope to cast haste on himself and vanille. After that use a summon to take out the legs. dismissing the eidolon is optional as your not after damage. Continue casting death and when the summon vanishes snow and hope will return with enough time for hope to apply buffs up to shell before it stands up. Quickly shift to Attrition (SAB SEN MED). with the buffs hope will heal you in time before you die.

The reward is well worth the effort. The common drop is a platinum ignot (sells for 150,000) and the rare is a trapezohedron. Tthe secondary reward from the mark mission is a gold nugget with a resale of 60,000. Also the cp reward is 40,000 (80,000 with growrth egg).

User Info: SoulLancer

7 years ago#2
Forgot a

Collectors catalogue will increase the drop rate of the ignot and catalyst so it is advised to equip one. Also resistance armlets will aid lower parties in weathering the attacks.

Repeat as often as desired. Any corrections or add-ons are welcome.

User Info: 2ndAtomisk

7 years ago#3
I wonder does the 100% platinum ingot drop still work? By starting this mission and killing random adamantoise they always drop it. There is was a topic about it for the japanese version. When I unlock 63 I'll have to test it.
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User Info: Firionel20

7 years ago#4
I think I missed something. Why are we doing mission 63 and not simply attacking the Adamantortoises that are naturally in the Steppe?
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User Info: Dbarr74

7 years ago#5
yea I found the topic in the archive and I think i'm gonna try this later to see if it's still the case.
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User Info: SoulLancer

7 years ago#6
Mission 63 gives a certain reward and by backtracking from the mark location to the northern highlands waystone killing the behemoths, megistotherians and gorgonospids you can recharge TP for the summon

User Info: Dbarr74

7 years ago#7

PSN= Dbarr74

User Info: 2ndAtomisk

7 years ago#8
The trick hasn't worked for me yet
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User Info: poltergeist86

7 years ago#9

For the "strong party" strategy I do something similar:

-Use Fang (leader), Lightning, Hope
-Equip Fang and Lightning with attack boosting accessories, Hope with magic boosting ones
-Equip Hope with "Sprint Shoes" which will grant him "Auto-Haste", you can get them by upgrading "Hermes Sandals"
-Also equip someone with the "Connoisseur Catalog" which increases chances of obtaining the Trapezohedron.

-Let Hope cast Haste on Fang and Lightning
-Immediately summon Bahamut
-Choose auto-battle, Fang will cast "Curse", since this is not useful, press Circle to cancel the turn.
-Choose auto-battle, she will cast Slow
-Choose auto-battle, she will cast Deprotect
-Choose auto-battle, she will cast Deshell
-Choose auto-batlte, she will cast Imperil
-After all of those 4 are inflicted, switch to COM/RAV/RAV and attack (do NOT go into Gestalt yet)
-When Bahamut's SP bar is almost done, do Gestalt
-When in Gestalt keep repeating the sequence Hunting Dive - Pulsar Burst. You will eventually stagger the turtle in the process, keep doing that sequence until youwhat you have left is Megaflare (with me it hits for about 500,000).
-Your party is back, keep attacking until the turtle is staggered (remember that when a summon leaves, the stagger resets)
-Enemy staggered? Switch to COM/COM/RAV and keep at it until you defeat it.
-If you are lucky, you'll get one Trapezohedron

Hope this helps :)

User Info: DonNguyen

7 years ago#10
of the dozens of giant turtles i've killed, i haven't received a single trapezohedron and i have 2 connoisseur catalogs equipped
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