How to beat Barthandelus!

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User Info: mxcats

7 years ago#1
ok so i mange to take out one of his heads and leave another one at 15% of heath. Then he goes super mode on me use ice blast, lighting blast. water blast and i am dead. Not even if everyone is medic, they still die. any tips to help me out please.


User Info: Cypher0120

7 years ago#2
I had a Synergist always have Protect and Shell at all times. I took out the right side first. Barthandelus' right...but I don't think it makes too much of a difference.

My Paradigms were:

Ravager, Commando, Ravager: Lightning, Fang, Hope

Commando, Saboteur, Synergist

Medic, Sentinel, Medic

Commando, Commando, Ravager (When he's staggered.)

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User Info: Mr_Snorlax1986

7 years ago#3
Do you have one of the items that lets you cast haste, bravery, and faith on your party before battle? If so, use one of those. Also, use the item that gives Shell and Protect before battle, if you have those. If you don't, try using spells that cast those effects while in battle.

Status effects (buffs) work well when taking on the multiple heads.
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User Info: X-Japan

7 years ago#4
I used Light, Hope, Fang. Cast shell on everyone and use whatever Fang does with Saboteur. Then attack the heads one by one. When you need to heal, get 2 medics out and one Sentinel. When the heads are gone, don't worry about shell. Just keep trying to stagger it. Make sure your weapons are a higher level.
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User Info: teriyaki_boi

7 years ago#5
medic won't do good if your characters, especially the main, cannot survive the initial burst of damage. they should be able to survive before they can heal.

that said, you may want to include a sentinel in the setup.
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User Info: valce1

7 years ago#6
Keep yourself buffed. When his heads are down, try to stay in offensive mode as much as possible. When he starts charging his silly OHKO attack, hit him as hard as possible to make him flinch -- that'll stop you from dying in one hit, at least.

Oh, and finally, don't be afraid to use Odin! He'll heal your characters fully when they return (but their buffs will probably have worn off, so buff quickly!). Still, it saved my butt (Lightning had like 87 hp left at one point in the middle of his attacks :/) Don't expect to get too much damage out of Odin, though.

IIRC I used Sazh for the Haste, which was really really useful.

User Info: mxcats

7 years ago#7
yeah cast all of that stuff. its just when he goes crazy and use powerful attack after attack

User Info: Chaos_Prime

7 years ago#8
dont mean to parade but seriously, why would you put the boss name in the title? its a massive spoiler to someone starting the game. a simple help cant beat chapter xx boss, then put details inside. If i hadnt gotten to the point of knowing his true views and identity i would be pissed at the site of this topic. thats my 2 cents on the matter, just in future consider others before posting

User Info: PSP251

7 years ago#9
Hey guys, no one responded earlier, so I'll try here instead. Just wondering, did anyone beat him with 5 stars? And how did you manage to pull it off? It sounds impossible!

User Info: Geowil

7 years ago#10

PSP251 posted...
Hey guys, no one responded earlier, so I'll try here instead. Just wondering, did anyone beat him with 5 stars? And how did you manage to pull it off? It sounds impossible!

I got 4 stars. Its really an easy battle, you just have to be quick on shifting.

I used Light, Sahz, and Vanille. Start out by using the LibraScope from the earlier section, I used Com/Syn/Med for my starting Para.

I then switched to com/rav/sab after Shaz was done. Take out the masks first (obviously) then just keep pounding the main head till its dead.

Always, I can not stress this enough, have a Diverse para when fighting the main head (com/rev/med) unless you're quick with the potions or you have your protection up.

After I entered the second part I only used Diverse and the starting para when my stat-ups ran out.

Another tip is that when the boss starts charging the Destrudo attack bash him like hell, it will lessen the amount of attacks.

I took the liberty of using Odin during the second half of this fight, it helped a bit (took off about 13 to 25k of his health).

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