How the hell do you beat Vanille's Eidolon...

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User Info: tojo555

7 years ago#1

it keeps killing me ; _;

User Info: KoL_Addict

7 years ago#2
I went in with the haste shroud on (almost to chapter 12 and still can't remember the different shroud names). I died like 3-4 times then just barely won.
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User Info: Omega_Gilgamesh

7 years ago#3
At the beginning of that underground area, take the path to the left to the dead end, click retry on the Juggernaut fight, and go back to the save point. You'll get a lot of CP this way. That'll ensure she has sufficient HP. Then during the fight, focus using Saboteur Debuffs on Hetaconcheir and healing. Those two actions fill up the Gestalt Gauge the fastest, in that order.
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User Info: tojo555

7 years ago#4

I'm out of shrouds right now ._. I got him to halfway before he decided to kill of Vanille...

User Info: ZefiruShrike

7 years ago#5
It's pretty easy. You get access to Fang for a reason. Make sure you have Sentinel/Medic, Sentinel/Saboteur, and Sentinal/Ravager paradigms. Throw Deshell and Imperil up at him then switch to Sen/Rav and wail on him until you need to heal. Repeat.
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  3. How the hell do you beat Vanille's Eidolon...

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