Robot parts?

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User Info: CityLumbar

7 years ago#1
In Oerba. So, I found four robot parts for Vanille's little robot dude. They were clearly marked on the map. Figured I'd find the fifth as I went along. I got to Bart2 without seeing a fifth part marked on my map. Any clue which one I might have missed and where I can find it? Thanks!
My boredom has outshined the sun

User Info: Anon7227

7 years ago#2
I believe one of the vampires drops a part.

User Info: traveltheory

7 years ago#3
There is a vampire standing inbetween some tree roots, down the ramp from where you find the robot. He has the last piece.

User Info: CityLumbar

7 years ago#4
Thanks guys/gals. Much appreciated.
My boredom has outshined the sun

User Info: KOTRsss

7 years ago#5
Ugh. What a gimmick.
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