How to beat Sazh's summon

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User Info: toddx77

7 years ago#1

After I libra it, it says it yeilds to people who strengthen their allies and can do chain bonuses. When I turn into a synergist and start strengthing Vannille it doesnt't really do much and it is hard to stagger him since he does so much damage and I usually have to switch back to a medic. I don't seem to have a problem staying alive but I keep running out of timeand dying. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

User Info: jrpgfan89

7 years ago#2
Have Sazh buff himself and Vanille with haste and vigilance. After that use COM/RAV. Then switch to RAV/RAV then to RAV/MED whenever you need healing.
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7 years ago#3
All I did was spam thunder and I won first try <.>
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User Info: zurcn

7 years ago#4
start by buffing, then commando a bit, then rav all the way
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User Info: The_Darkwalker

7 years ago#5
If you have unlocked Sahz's Enfrost ability it will add ice damage to hit shots which will improve your dps and cause the Gestalt meter to build more quickly as well.
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