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User Info: Strangesounds

7 years ago#1
OK since I'm still considered a "newbie" on these boards, I'm not able to do a search and god knows how many posts there are of this or where to find them - but since I can't I'm asking.

How the hell do I beat this guy?

I am currently trying to 5-star all my missions - and #1-#50 are all 5-stars and I would very much like my trophy (for completing the Titan Trials) and be able to continue on to the next mission.

I currently have level 5 for FOUR jobs for each team member, with a 5th job at level 2

Fang: COM/SEN/SAB/MED (all LVL 5) - Rav (Lvl 2)
Lightning: COM/RAV/SYN/MED - Sab
Vanille: RAV/SAB/SYN/MED - Com

All my weapons and accessories are still at level 1 - as I have found that I didn't need upgraded weapons since it's all strategy anyway - so I'm thinking I'm doing the wrong strategy.

What I had read in a vague post elsewhere was to have one person stay as Sentinel while the other two chip away at his HP. That was going fine for the first 10-12 minutes until somehow my sentinel decided to take a break, and the bastard sliced 16,000hp off of me with one hit. The battle before that, I got doomed. NOT fun.

I know that lucky strike is useless since the thing has no stagger level, and I found that Bahamut wasn't even much use either. I DID use Fang as my leader so while I was doing the debuffs, I had Snow doing the sentinel stuff and Lightning doing the synergist stuff. But when he "upgrades" his sword, we kept losing both buffs and debuffs and I'm not sure if I have to stay on that 100% (which takes away from precious commando/attack time) - because I don't know when he casts doom.

So questions I have.
1. Is doom ALWAYS cast? (Like say after "X" amount of minutes)
2. Does anyone know what the average time is for getting a 5-star on this mission? (I know that it varies from party/paradigm set up to the next - I did Mission #47 and got 4 star with one party and the time was 9:43; did a different party - got 5 star and a 10:17 time )
3. And of course most important - what is the most effiecient way to beat this battle. I'm getting good at the paradigm shifts to replenish the hit bars right away - but maybe there's a set up I'm not thinking or there's a better combination of people that I didn't see?

Any help will be grateful - I saved at Titan's Trials - and I'll return to it in the morning - so I'm hoping tonight there'll be 2-3 amazing suggestions from all you pros out there.

Thanks in advance! :)

User Info: Raymond

7 years ago#2
1. Max out your characters.
2. Get ultimate weapons.
3. He cast Doom on random when low on HP, and it'll always target your party leader.
4. Deprotect, Deshell, Slow.

I beat him with Fang, Lightning, and Snow.


All SYN first and cast buffs, then switch to all SAB to debuff him. Finally, switch to all COM and wreck away for the first round. When he change form, switch to all MED to heal up then continue to wreck him with all COM.

He will focus attack on one character at a time, and his attack will debuff you, so don't bother to cast buff on the character he is attacking.

You need to have over 20,000 HP to survive his most powerful attack during 3rd form. You can use SEN, but this slow the battle down.

I think that's all I have to say. I just got Gold Watch and will try to come up with a new strategy to beat him faster.

User Info: 1CECr34M

7 years ago#3
I used Fortisol and Aegisol, and started with SAB/SAB/SAB. Then I used RAV/RAV/RAV until my health got low, then MED/MED/SEN until healed enough and back to RAV/RAV/RAV to build up as much % as possible. The moment he starts using strong attacks i used COM/RAV/SEN and COM/COM/SEN, with SYN/COM/SEN if my buffs ran out.

User Info: overtime82

7 years ago#4
Sab / Sab / Sab >>> Stick Depro Deshell Slow on him. Keep at least Slow and Depro on him.
Rav / Rav / Rav >>> Build gauge
Rav / Rav / Med >>> Switch to this occassionally to keep HP topped up
Com / Com / Com >>> Switch to this when gauge is high
Sen / Syn / Com >>> Swtich to this for Meditation

Equip resist phys damage gear like black belt, general's belt etc. When you see him meditate switch to Sen / Syn / Com. With accessories and Sen bonus should be able to survive the attack even if the Sen doesn't provoke him in time. When he is near death and fully debuffs you, switch to Sen / Syn / Com. Keep at least haste and pro on everyone. Hope this helps.

User Info: tiasongames

7 years ago#5

Rav/Com/Sen (entire fight)

Get snow to around 12-15k health, and equip paladin (level 1... whatever).
Equip as much phys res as possible (none is fine too).

Win. It really is that simple.

(Renew could help, so start out with 4 tp, just in case)

NEVER heal.
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User Info: tiasongames

7 years ago#6
Oh right, use aegisol and fortisol as you see fit,
banjo0224244: Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

User Info: Drusain

7 years ago#7
One of the important things to remember on this guy is that you can't stagger him, but you can bring him to 999%.

The way to beat him is to A) boost up his chain bonus as quickly as possible and B) have everyone buffed while having him as debuffed as possible. I hear about him killing people in one shot but this never happened to me as long as I was buffed up (especially with Protect, obv)

I decided to use the Lightning/Fang/Hope party on this. I had 4 main paradigms:

SYN/SAB/SYN (get all buffs up as soon I could, I opened with this paradigm)

Once I had I buffs up, I'd switch to:

RAV/RAV/RAV (Need to push that chain bonus as high as you can as fast as you can, I got it to about 500% before he started his crazy stuff)

MED/SEN/MED (whenever you need some quick heals)

COM/COM/RAV (after your chain bonus is ~500%, you just need to keep pushing damage if you're looking for 5-stars)

Then just go back to SYN/SAB/SYN if you ever need to reapply buffs

User Info: Moonlightnite

7 years ago#8
omg dont put in a med its not neccasry for any meds at all heres the strat
Ill tell you exactly what you need here. A sentinel, notice how every one of his moves was single target? You need a sentinel that is not your lead character to take the hits. Fang was my leader, also had lightning, and used snow as the sentinel, he had about 26k health, but if you got around 22k+ it would still work. Also when snow has him provoked, that means he doesn't throw a doom counter on your lead character. Make sure you got snow setup with the paladin glove, the one with increased guard, no reason to level it up, I had a level 1 glove on him. And make sure he has at least 30%+ physical resist from accessories.

Paradigms I used.

Commando(fang), Ravager(light), sentinel(snow
Sabatour/Sabatour/sentinel (only had a couple moves in sabatour for light at the time)
Synergist/Synergist/Sentinel (only had a few moves for synergist on both fang and light, but still good)

Yeah that is the only 4 I used. You notice I didn't put a medic in there, because I didn't need one, snow owns so hard as a sentinel, his mediguard was healing back more damage than he was taking. If you get in a tight spot if he spears snow without a guard move up, he gets hit for a lot more, just use renew as a backup.

The equipment on the other characters, fang and light doesn't matter so much, because they aren't taking any damage. And you got as much time as you need to finish the fight, as long as snow stays alive, if you really want 5 stars, go back and try later.
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User Info: namethatno1uses

7 years ago#9
Always have a Sentinel. Let the other 2 members do everything else. Use ravagers to get the break bar to at least 200% before using Commandos.
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