How in the world do you make gil?!?!

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User Info: Hrayr2148

7 years ago#1

I've played every single FF game from FFVII and on. Even in FFVIII, where you had a "Salary," it was pretty straight forward.

In FFXIII, though I absolutely love this game, I have no idea how to upgrade gear, or at least, how to do it effectively. I don't know if I should be selling, which ones I should be using for upgrades.... I have the strategy guide that tells you to but 36 of a certain item to get the x3 bonus, but I dont' even have the money to buy that.

What should I be selling or doing to make gil in the game. Some of my characters are still using pretty crappy weapons with no gil to upgrade them.

I'm currently in Chapter 11, and just "captured/defeated" Vanille's summon. Any thoughts are appreciated in advance....

User Info: greggreggreg2000

7 years ago#2
Sell incentive and credit chips
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User Info: trick82

7 years ago#3
Ch. 11 eh?

Generally, weapons/accessories aren't worth upgrading until you're ch.9.

-Sell any unwanted weapons and accessories. What's the point of keeping them if you're not using them? Although before you sell unwanted junk, learn up on synthesizing first. unless a weapon is capped out to the max level, there is no need to dismantle rather than seeling it.

-as a general rule, components that give little EXP potentially raises the lvl multiplier while components that give alot of EXP lower their multiplier value. To be efficient with upgrading make sure to raise your lvl multiplier to 3x first, then using a good chunk of the components that give a lot of EXP. lather, rinse, repeat.

-Components like chips, dolls and anything else that says "would sell for alot of gil" are meant to be sold for, well, alot of gil. it's a shame to asked now and now while you were in ch.9 because that place was a "chip" bonanza. the only exception to this rule i found was that selling "perfumes" is alot more beneficial than actually using them to upgrade.

User Info: KayotoKeisotsu

7 years ago#4
You should have at least 100,000 gil's worth of credit/incentive chips by that point. Check your 'Components' list at the store and make sure you sell everything that says "Can be sold for a premium." at the end of its description.

Beyond that, there's apparently some sidequest that's fairly easy to do in Ch.11 where you get rewarded 600k, but I haven't reached it yet.

User Info: trick82

7 years ago#5
forgot to add, since you're that far into the game already you'll have no problem grinding for gil anymore.

User Info: Aceviper

7 years ago#6
sell everything that says can be sold for a premium

and you don't necessarily need to buy things for the x3 bonus

just use organic materials to raise your multiplier to x3
and then use mechanical materials (the ones with the screw symbol) in mass amounts to take advantage of the multiplier
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User Info: Annuvyn

7 years ago#7
There are other things you cna sell later too. But hold up for now.

At the end of Ch 11 if you explore the area you will spend the chapter heading to, there is a little sidequest, sell the stuff you get from that and you will get 600k gil appx.

In the components list you can safely sell anythhing thta says that it can be sold for a premium.

You can sell some Organic components if they are worth a few thousand (example - Perfume) but I would personally hang on to all the rest for now esepcially expensive inorganics like Particle Accelerators and such, you will only want to buy them back later.

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User Info: Hrayr2148

7 years ago#8

Ok.... I did sell the credit chips for money. But, before I bought the strategy guide half way through the game, I upgraded a weapon to lvl 24 and lost a lot of money there.

OH WAIT!!! I bought the collector's armlet for increased drop rate for regular items for 100k. I thought that would help me make more money later on.... it hasn't helped that much so far.

So.... i'm sitting on 2000 gil right now, in Chapter 11, with no enemies that drop more credit chips.

User Info: Hrayr2148

7 years ago#9

wow.. threads fall fast in these forums.

User Info: Gimmedollar

7 years ago#10
There's a quest in Oerba, you put back together Vanille's robot.
It's in the little hut or whatever with the floating C'ieth waiting at the bottom of the stairs.
When you're finished it gives you a bunch of perfumes and platinum ingots and a few other things.
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