HOW do i beat behemoth king

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User Info: rtheoutlaw

7 years ago#1
im on ch. 11 and i got close a couple times but his heave takes out my whole team

i have hope cast protect,shell, etc i've summoned odin nothing gets this dude down and when he stands ups with his blade he kills me just as quick as heave

User Info: 0ConcreteAcorn0

7 years ago#2
WELL you could rav/rav/rav and stagger him then just juggle him in the air till he dies.
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User Info: twilightsaviour

7 years ago#3
or get a preemptive strike so he's already really close to stagger and have a party of com/com/rav and juggle him...depending on your level thats a 30-45 second win
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User Info: dragonpride0

7 years ago#4
Set your paradigm to COM/COM/RAV and make sure you get a preemptive strike on it. Then just stagger it as you start the battle and juggle it with Launch until its dead.

User Info: rpgquitter

7 years ago#5
Behemoths seem very weak to Saboteurs in my opinion. As soon as you have enfeebled it then go crazy. You don't even need to stagger him.
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User Info: Blaeu

7 years ago#6
When you first get to chapter 11, he's almost impossible to beat until you level up your team some. Even with rav/rav/rav he is near impossible to stagger due to how high his stagger point is (650), you usually come closer to killing him before you're half way there, and then he morphs and you're dead.

Basically, just get a preemptive strike and be strong enough to kill him before he loses stagger. If you are not strong enough to kill him that fast, kill other things until you are.
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User Info: Exkopizer

7 years ago#7
hey guys.. , i discover new way to kill behemoth king.. i mean its not like "new Style", its just my way. thanks to you, i can do pre-emtive with behemoth king very good. and he's sure dead.. but, what if the pre-emtive didn't work..

so, my team are lightning, hope, and fang. istly ligtning be a comando, hope synergist buffing the team, and fang ofcourse be a sentinel.. the behemoth will only attack fang. after full buffs, i switch paradigm to light comando, hope medic, fang saboteur.. fand will debuff the behemoth.
and after finished, hahaha.. the show begin. com/rav/com.. until end. the behemoth will not even has a second to do death blow. we will win..

i have battle with him hundreds time to farm CP with this way, and not even single battle i'm dead.
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User Info: CorranHalcyon

7 years ago#8
Enfire really works well (the buff that gives your weapons fire dmg)


Then wait til he's at about the health he transforms and switch to

Com/Com/Rav and juggle him him in the air - you should be able to hit the dmg cap without genji glove if you have enfire on your weapons.

User Info: ZerglingZagar

7 years ago#9

Just heal when needed and stagger him as fast as you can then and pray he doesn't stand up.


7 years ago#10
Exkopizer.... what did you say???
The Heroes never die, right Snow??? lol
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