Gran Pulse: Cieth Stone Circle

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User Info: ohdilly41

7 years ago#1
What happens when I finish them? Nothing? I did them all last night..Only thing I noticed is that somehow all the adams turned in to long guis..
PSN: ohdilly

User Info: Annuvyn

7 years ago#2

you noticed it... so thats it :)

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User Info: ohdilly41

7 years ago#3
That sucks. Why does that Titan have to scream when I activate those stones then? This IS NOT the trials though right?
PSN: ohdilly

User Info: xcrushterx

7 years ago#4
No, Titan's trials are elsewhere.

User Info: Menalque2

7 years ago#5

Nope, the Titan Trials are located in the Faultwarrens, that area that only your chocobo can reach.

User Info: ohdilly41

7 years ago#6
Thanks for the clarification. Is there anyway to get rid of the Long gui's and bring back the regular adamants? I was just doing random missions I guess I must've done the one where it switches them..I know I can go do back to the eden one but its boring there :)
PSN: ohdilly

User Info: DragonMaster105

7 years ago#7
Yeah can you switch em back in any way? I want to kill some adams
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User Info: NicoGrimm

7 years ago#8
Just farm the one in Eden.
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