Tales of Vesperia vs FFXIII

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User Info: Palanthalas

7 years ago#11
I really liked Tales of Vesparia, it is a much better game.

User Info: Mauru_Neko

7 years ago#12
Sorry people, as fan of both series I must say that the Tales of Series never changes, is always the same thing over and over again, they never try something really different .

Tales of series is even a more clear example of JRPG being stuck on the same formula.

Final Fantasy series tries to change their formula, FF13 was a clear example, not good by many people but at least they try to change.

Tales of Vesperia story was so bad.....compared to final fantasy 13 story, a big chunk in the game at first is spend trying to find a thief......how original. Then in the end you spend a lot of time reviving summons of water, fire, and the like so generic.

Tales of Graces was also linear, by the way but people do not complain because who expects great things from a tales of game?

Both game has it's flaws, but at least Final Fantasy 13 was a change of formula.

User Info: Kefka007

7 years ago#13
Vesperia's much better, but I still think FFXIII is great. I hope North America gets the PS3 version of Vesperia, but I'm not holding my breath...
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User Info: Lelouch71

7 years ago#14
They are both good, but I prefer the story of FFXIII over Vesperia. It's a bit annoying that Vesperia is reaching Symphonia's level in being overrated by some fans though. However, Yuri owns everyone as far as I'm concern.
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User Info: Liquidus_Ruina

7 years ago#15
WoW 1st 2 tales games were the best everything after was just blah. Plus Tales of Destiny had the coolest cast. I would still put FFXIII on top because it is the superior game on all fronts except story and Chars (as these are opinion based) but even then i find FF vastly superior to any later "Tales" games.
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User Info: StevenYoon

7 years ago#16
FFXIII easily. Even though the story and characters of ffxiii were mediocre, ToV had a horrendous plot and some of the worst cast of characters ever.

User Info: Crits

7 years ago#17

Yeah, I loved ToV, but thinking back on the cast, Yuri was the only one that wasn't annoying. FF XIII has a likeable cast of characters, heck, I even adapted to Vanille. However, I must say I had a bit more fun actually playing ToV. It's tough, but I guess I like them roughly the same, with a slight edge to ToV, because when it comes down to it, the most important factor is which I have more fun playing, not watching. FF XIII had some great cutscenes.

User Info: pirateswrath333

7 years ago#18
FF XIII = Tales of Vesperia
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