Doctor's Code...can you buy it or create it?

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User Info: VinceTheBone

7 years ago#1
I sold mine...:( I need more to dismantle and get Elixir! Is there anyway to buy it or create it?

User Info: iamvillainmo

7 years ago#2
No, you only get like 3 the whole game. I don't think you can dismantle anything to get to it either.

User Info: reno385

7 years ago#3
Not sure but I know you can get one from one of the titan trial missions. Anyway i don't mean to hijack your thread but on the topic, I've been meaning to ask, does the doctor's code upgrade into anything? I'm working on my treasure hunter trophy but I've sold all mine...
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User Info: wazzupyozz

7 years ago#4
it doesn't upgrade to anything
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User Info: Palaxius01

7 years ago#5
No, as far as I know you can't buy them from shops, and there are only 3 in the games from treasure chests. I think the developers purposely limit the number of Doctor's Codes so the players won't breeze through the entirety of the game by using Elixirs.

User Info: xdawgamer

7 years ago#6
havent checked it myself yet, but apparantly its a reward for doing mission 41 (tonberry) in the faultwarrens, so you might wanna try that out.
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User Info: Mud_Chan

7 years ago#7
3 doctor's codes in the game.

1 from chapter 2 boss.
1 in a chest in chapter 6.
1 from completing M41.

1 additional elixir found in chapter 13.

Possible of 4 elixirs total in the entire game. It does not upgrade into anything but star level, which does not have any added benefits. Must be dismantled while in star level in order to obtain the elixir though.
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  3. Doctor's Code...can you buy it or create it?

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