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User Info: dravin777

7 years ago#1

Name: Karma; Omikron 2; Omikron 2 Karma
Developer: Quantic Dream
Publisher: Unknown
Genre: Action/Adventure/RPG
Date release: 2010/Delayed?
Platform: PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3

Fans of the original game may remember that a sequel WAS originally being developed by Quantic Dream due to high fan interest (series creator David Cage claimed they got dozens of e-mails a week asking for a sequel) and good enough commercial success.

However the sequel, entitled Nomad Soul: Exodus, eventually fizzled when tensions rose between Quantic Dream and publisher Eidos Interactive. Thus the game was on the verge of being cancelled. Quantic Dream then left Eidos for the hands of Vivendi, followed by Atari. This is where they developed their Farenheit project, a separate game from Omikron, released in the United States as Indigo Prophecy.

Exodus was said to take place hundreds of years after the events of the first game and was still in development back in April of 2006, where they announced that the game's name had been changed from Exocus to Karma.

Is the game still in development? Right now Quantic Dream has all their focus on the highly anticipated PlayStation 3-exclusive Heavy Rain, but it's deffinitely possible that they could revisit the franchise after its 2010 release.

Omikron Karma is planned for rising generation of consoles. It is a very large project, very ambitious technically but also conceptually. We want to pass at the following stage, to create the most beautiful city imagined in 3D, a real world fascinating recipient of the play. There is a large work of returned for the next gen', of managements of blur, an important artificial intelligence. One will be able to control vehicles, to build robots and especially to establish and develop confidence and love, friendly relations with other characters.

Gallery art:

If you have any other information about this great game then you're welcome to post it here. Thank you!

User Info: phadech

7 years ago#2
Did you notice that the PC and 360 boards of Omikron 2 are taken down? Is this going to be a PS3 exclusive?

User Info: Nitsua13

7 years ago#3
I never heard of Omikron but seeing those pictures intrigues me!
PSN: HeroicDonut

User Info: DutchX4

7 years ago#4
Apparently back in April 2010 they said it would be released this fall (sometime around now).... I guess the best we can hope for in sometime in 2011!
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