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User Info: Matt_McK

5 years ago#1
Okay, like a n00B I accidentally cancelled one of my Quests - the Reinbach Dear Friend one. Alas, I hadn't saved in a while - also a school-boy error I understand - and now I simply can't get the quest to reappear. But I do have Salt. And Reinbach has shown up in Middleport, beside himself.

The question is, will the Quest reappear now that I cancelled it by accident? I have no issue with recruiting Reinbach I expect as he is there, he can be spoken to, so I assume I can do the rest of the quest. But will I be credited for it?

I want a 'Best' rating in the Quest business, you understand. :)

If it doesn't reappear, can I still get 'S' ranking? I mean, you don't even need to do all the quests, surely, as that causes an issue between Chiepoo and Mr. X...

Who the heck is Mr. X anyway?
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User Info: KFCrispy

5 years ago#2
all the quests except I maybe one can be completed successfully no matter how many times you fail or cancel them. try sailing around to pass several game-days and/or save-load and go back to the Quest Guild.
from what i have been seeing in the old suikosource messages, you will be able to complete every quest except 1 specific one that you purposely fail to unlock another quest. - Your Source for Suikoden

User Info: Matt_McK

5 years ago#3
So why is Dear Friend... not reappearing? It's been a *long* time in game. I haven't gotten to the Rose Crest yet and I'm hoping it's still unlockable...

I'm just paranoid I'm scuppered my chances of unlocking all the characters. :(

But seriously, just sailing and / or continuing with the game isn't making Dear Friend... reappear. :(

-Jeremiah Ecks,
happy to be happy.
Check out for the best in British backyard wrestling!

User Info: KFCrispy

5 years ago#4
sorry i'm not sure what to tell you.... people rarely experiment with the quests in this game.... - Your Source for Suikoden

User Info: KFCrispy

5 years ago#5
i played around experimenting with taking and canceling the quest and just like you, i couldn't get it to reappear.

i've updated the Suikosource recruitment information to say not to cancel the quest........ thanks for the information............ at least future players will know! :/ - Your Source for Suikoden

User Info: ekamown

4 years ago#6
AFAIK when you see Reinbach losing his Rose Crest, Nanami's theme plays, correct?
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