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User Info: import13

6 years ago#1
PSO Plus has a few more quests added in,so I thought I'd list them for those who were asking.

1. The Fake in Yellow (This Ep.1 quest is not new,but when you played the quest online,you could activate some GBA download games.You can do this in offline mode with PSO Plus.)

2. Central Dome Fire Swirl (This used to be an Ep.1 download mission,but it is available offline in PSO Plus. Simply defeat all the other Ep.1 quests,and Fire Swirl unlocks in PSO Plus.)

3. East Tower,West Tower and Seat of The Heart (These are Ep.2 quests that you can now play offline.From what I had heard,one of the tower quests had a 2 player mode online,but sadly,offline it supports only 1 player,even in Plus.)

4. Episode 2 Challenge Mode (supports 4 players offline in PSO Plus,and I had read on PSO World that the final EP.2 Challenge level was a trek through the tower.)

I'm surprised to hear people charging so much for this game....When I had heard the game was coming out,I preordered it.At the time,it was only about $29.

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