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User Info: spade88_

5 years ago#1
A Team Faction has been create for PSO Plus for GC version, and will be running on L33tserv.

L33tserv is currently holding a free to play server for the regular GC PSO version & Plus version. L33tserv has a great online community opposed to schtserv, but do to their strict policies a new Team Faction has been created on called "CERBERUS".

Cerberus can be located on this forum (Please sign up to view the hidden forum & topics):

(Note: If you need help connecting your Gamecube to L33tserv to access the online feature for your PSO game our forum has a How to section with a YouTube Video)

Please remember your wii will not work, a gamecube, broadband or modem adapter, and a GameCube PSO game disc is required. (or plus version)

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