which class is the best?

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User Info: HmZ_2k7

9 years ago#1
which class really is the best?
to vote just reply to this message

User Info: tar1901

9 years ago#2

best for what?

Well, if you go for dedicated classes you will do that dedicated role:

warrior . pve tank, pvp-dps works nice. you might even dps in raids if you are lucky.

priest and paladin. heal. both in pve and pvp. In pvp you might have to put a lot of points in disciple build and not be so good at pve. with paladin you might do a very nice job at tanking 5-man heroics or kara. even some raids.

rogue,hunter - dps. that's about it.

shaman,druid - now this is the fun. druids can tank, heal and dps in pve. in pvp you might be pushed in the healer role. shamans dps and heal. in raids you might have to choose between elementar or rest.

bottom line there is no "best class" because that would be the only class.

User Info: 2142man

9 years ago#3
ok here.

if oyu want a pet get a hunter ok.

but if you want to be a big part of raids be either a warrior or palladin to help be the TANK.

if you want to help heal be a priest

and if you want to caast spells be a warlock or mage.

just chose i got a 70 in pally, mage, priest, warrior, and almost a 70 warlock then i'll work on my hunter on the horde ... Leioxx add me if you want to hang out with my dragon hawk lol.

User Info: 2142man

9 years ago#4
oops srry i forgot rogue they're good for making people angry in PvP and stuff. i got a level 49 rogue

User Info: Sczoyd

9 years ago#5
I wouldn't say there is a best class. If I had to choose though, I would go with druids. They can tank, dps or heal. Pallies can do the same, but I think druids are more varied- plus they can stealth.
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User Info: kingdrake2

9 years ago#6
human warrior wont work too good had a hard time so far with them. keep getting owned by monsters'

but having dranei warrior means i can tank better which this class wins with healing spell.
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User Info: Sorcatarius

9 years ago#7
but having dranei warrior means i can tank better which this class wins with healing spell.

Unless oyu have any +healing, the heal is very unimpressive at level 70, in addition to this, the heal has a cast time, which means that while casting it you have a 0% chance to dodge, block and parry, at end game this'll result in you taking more damage than the heal would heal you for.
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