i CANT get into it

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User Info: GH_III_legend

9 years ago#1
i have tried
and i have tried
and i have tried some more

but its just one of them games which i just cant
get my self to play it .

it might be just me but i find it CR*P

User Info: TommySatan

9 years ago#2
Get Here Comes the Pain instead. It's much better and it'll be ridiculously cheap by now.
If it hurts, it means you're still alive

User Info: lord_tomfly

9 years ago#3
ya try here comes the pain and if ya dont like it maybe its just not your style of games
the ability to try hard is a talent

User Info: WarioMan34

9 years ago#4
I agree with tomfly.
Fortune, fame; Mirror vain; Gone insane; but The Memory Remains...

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