entrance glitch

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User Info: gexpres5

9 years ago#1
i changed christy's eASY entrance to advance entrance to edit, then after a day i changed it back to easy entrance

tthen played her entrance in anymode (expect create a entrance) but her default lights disappear after the first 5 sec.

happens to all my characters when i edit their entrances even w/ CAWs

Does anyone have this problem?
how do i fix this?

User Info: InsaneJustice

9 years ago#2
Did you ever save your file after doing the stuff for Christy? Also maybe the reason why is cause you didnt set the lights on all the parts for the entrance.
Swanton! Swanton!

User Info: gexpres5

9 years ago#3
i don't save right after but i save before i turn game off
lights don't were during any of her "easy entrances"

like if she did kane entrance
in ecw one night stand
lights are red but when she gets toward begin of ramp lights change
into plain lights (like if match started)

but "advance entrance" is fine .

User Info: gexpres5

9 years ago#4
only affects profile that i used to change the entrance

User Info: svr_legend

9 years ago#5
you have to do the same lights in all the parts of the entrance.

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