Do people retire in this game?

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  3. Do people retire in this game?

User Info: FieryKane

7 years ago#1
In GM mode, do people retire after they are a certain age like in Madden and other sports games?
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User Info: Oreno5267

7 years ago#2
no, but you can release them in order to have more money
if you're not careful in GM mode, u will notice a drop in ur roster cuz stars need money to wrestle
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User Info: EazyERock

7 years ago#3
in one of the gm modes i was doing, Scotty 2 Hotty retired, but i have no clue how or why it happened and havent had it repeat again..
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User Info: Carribean_Cool

7 years ago#4

if you remove them from the free agency availibility, the web page will say they retired or something

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  2. WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2006
  3. Do people retire in this game?

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