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User Info: The_DarK_Ego

7 years ago#1
Ok....I understand it's difficult to kickout of pinfalls when you are red but why is it THIS hard and why am I not kicking out of stored finishers in yellow?

Is there a complex system or formula for escaping pins?

I've seen the red to orange stamina heal...but does that even do anything?

I've gone nearly 10 minutes without taking soon as I catch a backbreaker....3 count.

Surely there's some secret to well does the d-pad work vs. the face buttons? Does each

face button correspond with a body part? (white arms means you can kick out by tapping X or triangle)

The longer you hold stamina the less stunned you are after big moves? Am I at least making sense?

User Info: The_DarK_Ego

7 years ago#2
If I work on Big Show's arms all match and he gives me a chokeslam would it do less damage? There has to be a method to this unrealistic madness.

User Info: vipermckay

7 years ago#3
Working on the Big Show's arms then doing a Chokeslam will not win the match. In order for the full effect of the move to be used you would have had to work body more. As far as kicking out when you're Red it's pretty much match over. There are a few exceptions that I have kicked out while in Red. For the stamina thing that makes you go from Red to Orange. That's mainly to have you walk around with out selling. Like holding your head or walking with a limp every now and then.
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User Info: winnies_revenge

7 years ago#4
just the other day, i was playing Slobberknocker and after about 80 opponents. the following opponent whipped me to an exposed turnbuckle and even though i was only yellow he still pinned me with a 3-count. i was pissed.

yeah the pin system is definitely not perfect but i guess it could be worse. at least they can't pin you on red from a simple 2-damage punch.

and is it me or is it still impossible to pin with the cocky pin or that one bridge pin ground move even on red after a finisher?
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User Info: vipermckay

7 years ago#5
Yeah I can't ever pin the computer off pin moves. Usually they always seem to kick out which is rather annoying.
"Hank if you're steering then who's taking off your shirt!!!" -Dale Gribble

User Info: MrSVR06

7 years ago#6
yeah somehow moves that turn into pins with the exception of the tombstone ofcourse are rather weak. I never understood this but its not that big of an issue for me.

But one method thats commonly used for kicking out of pins is to violently tap everysingle button on the controller... it can be quite effective.
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