Happy 5th birthday, 06!

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  3. Happy 5th birthday, 06!

User Info: winnies_revenge

6 years ago#1
Wow, who would have believed it would be 5 whole years today since this game came out. Time sure flew by quick. Even with all the newer SvR games out now, many ppl still consider this to be the best in terms of gameplay.
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User Info: Oreno5267

6 years ago#2
it was an awesome game for its time till svr 2007
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User Info: gearratio

6 years ago#3
Wow! Oreno, I really don't know what you're smoking, but 2007 is definitely one of the greater disappointments. Why do you think the reception to this game is much higher than that one? Why do you think the online lobbies still get occasional activity (and quite a respectable amount during holidays) and that the server is still online, even?
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User Info: CLaN Ruler

CLaN Ruler
6 years ago#4
Time sure does fly... Happy Birthday SvR 2k6
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User Info: Oreno5267

6 years ago#5
i meant when svr2007 set a new gameplay engine for future svrs, jeez
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User Info: GrannyWithaGun

6 years ago#6
i love my caaw

User Info: EazyERock

6 years ago#7
06 is the best WWE game ever made.. yeah i said it..
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User Info: DarkTyrantX

6 years ago#8
Yea in terms of best smackdown/wrestling game you can get on playstation[ps1,ps2,ps3] svr 06 is the best one. smackdown 2 is 2nd best.
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User Info: DocBlaze

6 years ago#9
I still have this game and I have no intention of selling it. I played this game to death back in 2006.
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User Info: CLaN Ruler

CLaN Ruler
6 years ago#10
Right on brother. Keeping this going strong for 2011.
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  3. Happy 5th birthday, 06!

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