im baaackk

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User Info: EazyERock

5 years ago#1
who still plays this? anyone want to try and setup an online night?
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User Info: gearratio

5 years ago#2
I still play occasionally. I hope online still works.
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User Info: Kingofweasles

5 years ago#3
I used to play this game quite a lot back in the day... Then my PS2 died and I ended up saving for a PS3 instead of looking to get a replacement. Funnily enough, I just happened to get a new PS2 today, so I was in the mood to revist SvR '06... And guess what? I couldn't find it anywhere! -_-
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User Info: EazyERock

5 years ago#4
im going to do a sweep between 1030pm-11pm EST tonight... if anyone going to be on, look me up there
not changing this sig until RG3 wins Rookie of the Year

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