If there was a Justice League Heroes 2, this is how Id do it

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User Info: DarkClawtooth

6 years ago#1
So I beat Justice League Heroes the other day. It was an awesome game but it does deserve to have a second game made. Cant really say a sequel since the first one did actually end perfectly without any clifhangers.So this is how i would make a second Justice League Heroes.

There would be a total of 20 playable characters. This includes the orginal roster that was exclusive to the PSP only. So you have the PSP Roster which was a total of 15 if i counted correctly then you would have an addition of 5 new playable characters. These would only include characters that appeared in JLA 1996 to 2004 run. Some of the playable characters would be Steel and Plastic Man. Non playable characters would be Oracle and a few others.

Since the first Justice League Heroes ended perfectly with no cliffhangers this should be a brand new game that is a stand alone game. So you dont repeat alot of stuff from the first game in terms of storyline or Villians it is good to use the Injustice League as the villians for this game. This gives a wide range of Villians to be used. The plot would be simple enough the Injustice League wanting to destroy the Justice League

The gameplay will be the same as the Justice League Heroes. It is important not th change the gameplay style ro it wont have the same kind of feel. However some of the special powers can be changed around depending on what worked and didnt work from the first one. It is important to keep the special powers in small numbers like the first game. It is imprtant that the game can establish itself as a stand alone game and not a clone of Xmen Legends or Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

The first Justice League Heroes game was good but there wasnt alot of replay value in it. it was one of those games that after you beat it you basiclly played it again cause you liked it. Sure there was a few unlockables in the game but they were limited. This time around i think that there should be more unlockables. This could be purchansed in the watchtower after an episode is completed. keeping the same with the first one unlockables can only be purchased by collecting a set number of Justice League shields. The unlockables should include the comic book covers for JLA 1996 to 2004, Concept art, alternate costumes, character and villian bios.

I would keep the upgrade system for the special powers the same. The ability to add boosts of your own choosing makes the game alot more customizable. However, Id add something to it. Id make it so that in between episodes you are able to freely roam around the watchtower. By doing this id give you the ability to go see someone to purchase upgrade boosts. a point system could be installed during game play that gives you so many points for defeating enemies in certian ways and you can then use the points you gained to buy boosts at the watchtower and even bay a level up if you reach a set amount of points.

This is something I thought of. In between episodes you would be given the ability to roam around the Watchtower. This would allow you to explore and interact with several NPCs and learn about ht echaracters by talking to them. in some cases even acessing special flashback battles. for example maybe talking to Superman at one point you can unlock the ability to relive Supermans battle with Dommsday which would lead into an actual physcail you control the action flashback battle with doomsday from the death of superman.

Well this is all I thought of it really made me think about this after i beat Justice LEague Heroes. Everyone has their own fantasys about games they would like to see so i just figured id share mine with you all. I realize there is basiclly no chance there will ever be a second Justice LEague Heroes game but you can always dream even if it will never come true.

User Info: most_games_r_ok

6 years ago#2
I think that most of those ideas are pretty sound.
I do because I can.....and because I'm bored.
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