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Marry whisper???

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User Info: Voted4Pedro

9 years ago#1
I heard that you are able to marry whisper, is this true??

User Info: konvikt_17

9 years ago#2
nope. cant marry whisper

User Info: Fablemaster12

9 years ago#3
wow... whoever told you that is a terrible liar. She's more of a sister than a gf.

User Info: Sefeth

9 years ago#4
You know you want to get down and funky with Whisper, dont deny it.

But no really, you cant, would've been weird anyhow seeing as you and her meet at the arena so... yeah...

User Info: Solusx2

9 years ago#5
Marry her, get life insurance, kill her in the arena. No annoying wife, +10k + Life insurance = Win?

User Info: Offworlder1

9 years ago#6
Even if you could marry her I doubt she would accept as she doesn't like you too much and sees you as competition and a rival, I think Briar Rose would marry the Hero faster even though she doesn't respect you until later.
"Always two there are, a master and an apprentice"

User Info: GreatAnubis

9 years ago#7
They really improved Briar Rose's personality in TLC. I thought it would have been nice to have the option to marry her or possibly even Whisper when you last see her in Oakvale. I don't know why they force you to marry some randomly generated character or Lady Grey only.
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User Info: Ghostfeet

9 years ago#8
Well technically they don't force you to marry anyone, that aspect is entirely optional. Although I must admit it would have been nice to have more choices in the matter... I tend to just rent out the marital homes and give my hero his jollies at the bordello.
Er..Well, y'know. You can't make an omelette without, um.. Destroying a forest... Or something.

User Info: AoENIAC

9 years ago#9
You know I always was kind of bummed that they never let you even TRY to marry Whisper. You can't interact with her anywhere outside of scripted events except maybe for a tiny bit before she leaves near the end. I honestly think they should have waited a little before releasing lost chapters so that you had the option to form social relationships with the main characters.

Because honestly the only named character you can bond with in the actual game is that *****faced **** Lady Grey. It would have been nice to form a relationship with some of the other more unique characters. I mean, Briar Rose has that alternative style which is kinda hot. And damn does Whisper look good in that hat she wears when you're playing the nice guy role and she has to take the low alignment jobs in order to compete with you.

If anything, it would have been an excuse to jam a little more characterization in there if you could court or become good friends with all the major characters. Lionhead really dropped the ball on that one. In a somewhat open ended game like Fable, you really need to take every chance you get to develop characters or else the plot will seem... well it will seem a lot like Fable's! Dry, forced, and indiscriminately spaced out.

Also, since Fable supports same sex marriage, you know you would have wanted a taste of Thunder's greased lightning. Don't deny it. Nobody's judging you, they all want it too.
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User Info: htn963-gs

9 years ago#10
I always felt sorry for Whisper because the developers made her a constant second-fiddle foil for our hero, losing to him in everything. Providing options to have her come out on top once in a while would have made the game much less contrived. In any case, she is definitely a much more attractive candidate for a wife than Lady Grey. (Let's hope there will be a Good Wife to balance an Evil Wife in Fable 2.)

OTOH, I find Briar Rose thoroughly obnoxious (aside from her cute tight pants get-up) and do away with her every chance I get.:)


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