The House of the Dead 5 plot ideas and bosses *scripted*

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User Info: ItsJustDrago

8 years ago#1
This is just some stuff I came up with when I was bored. Some of these ideas may not even be possible, but chill out. It's just some thoughts. (The gun for this one is the shotgun)

Chapter - 0: Amnesia

It's starts out in the new Curien mansion where Daniel is looking up info on a new attack
on the rise. He then meets G on the rooftop and the zombies at that time invade the house.
Then begins the shooting to get outside of the house (don't have them all in full detail yet) and then there a hidden path in a staircase, but when they get to the doorway, the boss appears!

Boss name: Night Type: 0112 Weakpoint: Head

In a nutshell its a skeleton with knight armor and a lance. It takes three hits (It's a tutorial boss people) First he charges you, cancel it. Then he charges while moving side to side, cancel it. Then he'll jump on top of some pillars to get to you, then he is dead. Then the plot will thicken when it turns out it was made by a gem. A gem that was one of the properties that made the zombies, and so they take the armor and find places that trace the gems.

Now you get to choose where you want to go in the world. The places are: London, UK , Madrid, Spain , The Amazon Jungle, and The Gobi Desert. So, lets start with London.

Chapter - 1: Distress

It starts off in an alley,some zombies here some zombies there. The path is chosen by how fast you kill the zombies. Then there are Zombie bugs all over to kill and though out the level. Sooner or later, you'll end up in the city square when a group of zombie bees cover over a gem, meaning this is the boss!

Boss name: Community Type: 2474 Weakpoint: Gem

This boss has the final boss feeling to it because you can shoot it when ever you want and it slowly decreases, of course the cancel bar will fall more than its life. Its attacks are charging you, sending bees at you, and changing into earlier boss forms. Just shoot it then it will short out and the bees will fall, of course the gem comes back on but they don't. 1 down 3 to go, Anyone up for Spain?

Chapter - 2: Transform

It starts inside a church where you fight robed zombies and many others finding different paths to get to the top. Some paths will become unlocked if you kill the zombies fast enough or shoot misc. things. So, keep combining till you find a path you like, once you get to the top however its not so easy.

Boss name: Valor Type: 0019 Weakpoint : Fists

Try to Imagine Juggernaut from the X-men. Now try to Imagine him Un-dead, Rusted metal, red eyes, and green glowing fists. Put that together, and you get Valor! Basically, He has seven hits and shoot his fists when there open and make the cancel meter go down or he hurts you, Simple. But, he can move his fists whenever he pleases. About half though his bar he'll go under the floor and pop up or he'll move under the floor with his hands open and moving. Shoot the crap out of him when he does and he should die by falling down all the floors but, he releases the gem as he falls. 2 for 2, Let's head to the Jungle!

User Info: ItsJustDrago

8 years ago#2
Chapter - 3: Confusion

Its really dense in the jungle so your visuals are dark, so keep a sharp eye out for oncoming zombies and animal zombies. Fight, Fight, Fight! This part of the game gives it a more intense feeling so, just keep shooting until dun dun dunnnnn...

Boss name: Fear Type: 0555 Weakpoint: Mouth

Again, Try and imagine and octopus and its head is gone and in its place is like one of the mouths from the tower boss in tHotD2 and its mouth is glowing blue, that is fear! Basically, This one has eight hits and its fast past and constantly swing from tree to tree and your moving also. Shoot the mouth when it opens and knock down the cancel bar, about half way though, you stop and he starts to spin at you. Shoot over his tentacles and the cancel bar will die. his final attack he swings from tree to tree and it takes good accuracy to hit him. Then he will explode and you got the blue one. time for the Gobi!

Chapter - 4: Fortitude

Well, your probably thinking "Hey, its a desert. There's not much to it." Well, you know what? Your right! This entire stage is a boss fight!

Boss name: Perseverance Type: 6012 Weakpoint: Eye

Ok, Try imagining a giant (like really huge) snow tiger with six legs and its head is a pryramid with an eye in the middle and a black gem above it, this would be him. This guy has a whooping ten hits and its set like the second death fight in tHotD3, there are zombies and desert life there to fight you as well. When he attacks he either charges you, stomps on you, or falls on you. There's not alot to this fight except it's long. when he dies he falls over and you take the gem. Well, that covers the choosing paths, lets move on to the final destination, The North Pole :)

Chapter - 5: Vengeance

Well, here we are! It's straight forward blowing up and shooting zombies until half way though the level, boss fight! There's no need for an intro except an explanation. It's the bugs from Community holding the eye of Perseverance, Odd combo. Once again, its like the community boss and how to kill it except halfway though the eye can shoot beams at you when ever it wants and Community continues its attack at the same time! =I Kill it and continue shooting zombies until you get to a glacier with a big metal door on it. Then something burst from the ground, this fight is gonna get epic!

Boss name: Emperor Type: a Weakpoint: Chest

Yeah, this is what you think it is except he has a white gem in his chest, so lets kill it. Like Community, shoot it whenever you want and he faster that last time. He still throws balls at you, but they also come at you faster and he also can claw you. About halfway though, he makes a shield of balls and charge you. Just keep shooting his chest and he'll drop the final gem. Now we come to an horrible surprise and and epic ending.

User Info: ItsJustDrago

8 years ago#3
Chapter - 6: The End

You put the gems inside the door and it open up an elevator and you shoot tech zombies as you go down 25 floors. Keep doing that and then you'll get to the final chamber where lies and epic surprise! (Note: This theory may not be possible because of events, but this is just a theory don't flame it!) Daniel and G find someone sitting in a chair and shout "Gary!?" "Yes, it was me all along!" "I don't know how you got this far but this is where you must end" "G: But, how could you do this? You were an AMS agent after all."Gary: Tch. You think I really wanted to kill my own creations?" "Daniel: So your the one who corrupted my father!" "Gary: I just gave him motivation to create life for me, by making you his life's work!" "Daniel: So... You...." "Gary: What's wrong? Are you scared by the truth?" "G: Where did you get the money?" "Gary: Goldman, of course. I used his fundings to go to Curien's work. And my efforts paid off." "G: I don't care why you did this, but your going down!" "Gary: Typical, always wants it to the point. Well, then this will burn you up!" *an metal egg bursts from the floor* "Gary: Awaken, Savior!" *the egg bursts and a pyrotechnic human like shape comes out* "Savior: *maniacal laughter* Where are Emperor and The World?" "Gary: The humans before you caused there death." "Savior: Well then, you shall be given no mercy. I am going to rule mankind and I shall never be stopped. All hope is useless. *maniacal laughter*
"G: This is it Daniel! This is the end!"

Boss name: Savior Type: c Weakpoint: Unknown

This flame beast is like Emperor, Except the gem in his chest is transparent and changes to the color of the former boss when he attacks. This will keep going until he makes a flame shield about 3/4 though so your limited to when you can shoot him and he now either charges you with a flame sword or throws fireballs at you. Then halfway though he will go psycho and move crazy over the screen and throw fireballs. Then finally 1/4 way he'll charge up an attack and you have to cancel before then. He then starts to fade away when Gary throws himself into Savior and he gets stronger and you can see Gary outline in him. Same attacks as before except everything is upgraded and the final attack has three modes which means three cancel bars just to keep one life and when you beat him Savior screams and explodes and You go out of the Glacier and Lisa is there with a chopper so you can go home and depending on how well you did Daniel will live with the Rogan's or he will die in the flames and be remembered as a hero. That's it you won and the series is over! Hope you like it :)

Oh, And don't be a jerk and copyright ok?

User Info: ninto55

8 years ago#4
gary? really:(

User Info: ROCK1990

8 years ago#5
Good stuff. Though Gary would probably have to change, although if you had your choice of the agents, Harry would be a good choice, since he was a complete mystery. Otherwise, absoultely brilliant material.
"You guys call yourself Priceless? I got a better name for the both of yas, how bout Worthless!!"
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User Info: ItsJustDrago

8 years ago#6
Harry? I though he died by strength? I might be wrong though. But, I did consider him, though I though he was dead. So, Gary pretty much fit the bill at the time. (Amy? Come on!)

User Info: ninto55

8 years ago#7
i always thought the mysterious man would be the bad guy and harry kinda looks like him

User Info: ItsJustDrago

8 years ago#8
Alright, If I try and type this again I'll put harry in instead. But just for the record, I thought he died in 2. So for now, until I see proof, I'm sticking with this.

User Info: ninto55

8 years ago#9
there listen to ragan
"G and harry are all right."

User Info: ItsJustDrago

8 years ago#10
OMFG! I never saw that ending. Well, this changes alot! O_O

Harry from now on or would like me to post it again?
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