LA Noire 2, Starring Jack Kelso

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User Info: XlYesterdaYlX

6 years ago#1
Do it.

User Info: ssk9716757

6 years ago#2
Kelso sucked. But if they're gonna do it they should give him a new suit at least.
"Girls are easy, just stop flaunting like a douchebag in front of your targets by calling them targets while spilling your entire agenda to a camera."

User Info: thedeparted94

6 years ago#3
The only thing thing Kelso was good at was making me laugh when he failed in the army tests and you can see cole grinning to himself haha
<PSN> britz02

User Info: Masajub

6 years ago#4
Jack Kelso > a dead cat

a dead cat > Cole Phelps

My logic is flawless, don't bother trying to argue.

User Info: hi_polymer

6 years ago#5
I don't like Kelso's voice actor. Sounds like Sylvester the Cat for some odd reason.

User Info: Kenji Murasame

Kenji Murasame
6 years ago#6
I agree, really I thought the whole point of Kelso coming into the game was to setup for the sequel starring him.

Or at least it should be!

User Info: Dman0370

6 years ago#7
This game was an utter disappointment.

Great idea, city looked great, idea of interviews was great but repetitive in gameplay.

Glad you all enjoyed it as I found it boring after 10 or so cases. Boring.

It doesn't matter what you do, if you find a minimum of evidence, you move along and get the same endings.

Who cares!

User Info: Tryagain82

6 years ago#8
Anyone who can call people "princess" all the time with a straight face just... shouldn't be in a video game.

User Info: AdicusDiojr

6 years ago#9
I started to think the same thing once Jack became playable. Kinda surprised they didn't bring him into the game earlier as being playable, kind of a strange move.
I picked up my 1st joystick 29 years ago; played Armor Battle on my uncle's Intellivison, and exploited my 1st in game glitch at age 4.~RI.P. Uncle Scott

User Info: Rabillion

6 years ago#10
I'll always be ready for some Kelsownage.
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