Tips on reading facial expressions?

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User Info: Neverwinter27

5 years ago#1
Anyone here know if there is a way to get questions right based on a person's facial expressions alone? If so, any tips that I can use to pick up those expressions? I know if a person is staring at you, hes usually telling you the truth, but what about doubt and lies?

User Info: TrulyEpicLawls

5 years ago#2
Well the unrealistic trick is to wait until the reply's over and sit their in silence for 15 seconds. If the suspect moves, s/he's lying. However a few times you'll still get it wrong.

Another trick, which doesn't involve faces, is to look in your notebook (when you're online) and see what percent of people got it right after using a hint (I forget what it's called, 'intuition'?). If the number is lower than about 99% then it's usually Doubt, if it's lower than 90% or so, it's usually Lie. Something like that.
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User Info: Neverwinter27

5 years ago#3
ok thx

User Info: MisterSpyker

5 years ago#4
Check if he takes too long to answer or if he looks at the right side and mingles a bit before saying something... when they make kind of like duck lips they're usually lying too... Means they're withholding information.

Just make sure you get all the clues so you don't choose doubt when it's lie...

And also, this isn't what you're talking about but it's a bit confusing to choose the right proof (imo) so here's a little help, Cole will usually say something about what he's accusing him of when you choose lie, so the clue HAS to match the description of what Cole says before the game sends you to the notepad.

Kinda like

Cole - You ate the banana!
Subject - Prove I did
Now you have the clue - Subject bought a banana
If you're unexperienced like I was you'll choose this clue and get it wrong

What you have to do in these situations is just doubt instead of choosing a clue.
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User Info: Neverwinter27

5 years ago#5
ok that will be helpful, especially when I can back out of Lies and choose Doubt instead
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