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Roy Earle

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User Info: Shiang

4 years ago#1
Hate him or love him?
We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams... Yea, in spite of a dreamer who slumbers, and a singer who sings no more.

User Info: drclaeys

4 years ago#2

( spoilers )

This is a good question. I first thought this was a no brainer.. of COURSE you hate him.

but then I thought of all the cool stuff he did. The way he talks. Even that pickle up the but walk of his.

So I still hate him. But he does have times where hes a bad arse, and kinda cool. that speach at the end was epic. He would be the LAST person you thought should give it, and he did a great job.

So hate, but points of wow and admire.

Thank you for sharing. Great post idea.
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User Info: silly_sausage

4 years ago#3
First playthrough, I despised him. Such a smug, sleazy slimeball. But every playthrough since I've loved him. My opinion of him as a "smug, sleazy slimeball" hasn't changed, but it's more of a love to hate kinda thing. His audacity, I just find it so hilarious.
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User Info: Shiang

4 years ago#4

I hated him the moment he hit Elsa... but before that I had sort of admired him for his arrogance and obvious corruption. Then while I was working through the Homicide missions, I began to get more and more irritated at Rusty so by the time Roy turned up as our new partner, I was almost deliriously happy to see him.

So on the whole, I definitely like Roy Earle more than I dislike him. That speech at the end was a masterpiece. I was practically yelling "No you liar!" at the screen while he gave it but he did it so convincingly that it's hard to believe he was faking it.
We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams... Yea, in spite of a dreamer who slumbers, and a singer who sings no more.

User Info: Sol4688

4 years ago#5
Hate him.

I'd like him more if he at LEAST had respect for Galloway and Bekowski. But that scene where he talks smack about them really made me dislike him more.
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User Info: radishson

4 years ago#6
Roy is probably my favourite character in the game, though I understand why people dislike him for outing Cole's affair. He had an such an arrogant, over-confident attitude that was really amusing to watch and I loved seeing him bump elbows with every other drug handler and lottery fiend in the city as if he had cooked up deals with them dozens of times in the past. In contrast, most of the other personalities in the game were too straight-forward or dry for my liking and lacked the charisma Roy had. But still, what a scumbag.

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