What was the point of making the world map of this game so large and accurate?

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  3. What was the point of making the world map of this game so large and accurate?

User Info: slk_23

4 years ago#1
Rockstar has said that the world map of L.A. Noire is 8 square miles or 21 square kilometers:


That's absolutely huge because GTA IV's world map is only 6 square miles or 15 square kilometers. What's even more amazing is that the map is supposedly accurate as well, because they apparently took thousands of photographs of 1920s Los Angeles by Robert Spence and used them to recreate this game. I didn't even know it was possible to make a map true to the real life city like that. So they got both quantity and quality, and that's really impressive.

My question is: why did they even bother doing all that? Why was it worth all that trouble if the main focus of the game is traveling from location to location (which you can even skip entirely like in Red Dead Redemption), and the game is so linear to begin with, and the game doesn't reward you for exploring, and there's absolutely NOTHING to do in the game world unlike in the GTA games, and they also spent so much time and money developing this new camera system to make the characters have more realistic faces, which was itself a complete waste of time because the expressions 1. didn't look that much better than expressions in games without the fancy technology, 2. didn't necessarily help you determine whether the character is lying or telling the truth any better, and 3. borders heavily into uncanny valley?
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User Info: chrissonn

4 years ago#2
I couldn't agree more. I feel like the developers thought the game had to be just like GTA but didn't know what to do with all that space. What's the point of driving 15 minutes through LA just to question a new suspect for five minutes before having to drive for a long, long time again to question someone else? The gorgeous map is just wasted in this game. Although there are random crimes to respond to, they hardly make up for the huge map (or make much use of it). Exploring the world is really, really boring.

I love detective stories and enjoyed the actual storytelling in the game, but the game play was tedious. The South Park comments on it were spol on.
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User Info: drclaeys

4 years ago#3

My guess is because of the side quests, and the open ended quests. And they had plans for DLC, that would take up space, and use some of these roads and buildings.

If you try to find all the cars, you are driving around alot. Looking in every nook and crannie. There are other collectibles, that are hidden in far corners of the game.

In most driving games, you just smash into stuff, and people, its FUN. In saints row, I upgrade my car so its like a battering ram, and just floor it. Smash anything that gets in you way. its FUN. IN this game you have to drive slow, and just sit in traffic. I fould that SUPER boring. I wanted to speed, smash, and drive on the side walks and run people down.

It fit the game, but im not sure if it helps sales. It makes the game kinda slow.

Thank you for sharing.
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User Info: BodeciaBust

4 years ago#4
See: The Getaway.

Both games were headed by the same guy, both games consist of an accurate-to-real-life map of a major world city, and does nothing with it. The guy who headed the game is also an idiot with serious personal issues. Maybe this goes some way to answering your question.
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User Info: SerenitySix

4 years ago#5
If they make a sequel they really should add more s*** to the game. Was so boring for me I never even finished that game
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User Info: Echidneys

4 years ago#6
Sadly, I have to agree. This game is gorgeous and a lot of care was put into it, but not so much utilized to its fullest. Even without DLC, there should be a purpose to all that space. I get that you can't shorten the city and put a criminal on every block, but still...
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