Why is it that sometimes when driving, you can run over people, sometimes not?

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  3. Why is it that sometimes when driving, you can run over people, sometimes not?

User Info: slk_23

3 years ago#1
I never figured out any rhyme or reason to it. Sometimes, when you're driving around the streets, you can run over people just like in Grand Theft Auto. They will die, but in other cases the people will move immediately out of the way in an incredibly unrealistic manner and be spared from harm. They move to the side right as the car makes contact with them really fast, so it looks jarring and you lose the satisfaction of getting to run over people. But what exactly is it that causes them to do this when sometimes you can run over them and kill the pedestrians that way perfectly fine? I always thought it was funny how one detective might be able to solve the murder of one person in the storyline, but not before murdering dozens of other more insignificant NPCs himself.
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User Info: WightKnigjht

3 years ago#2
Artificial Intelligence is dumb that way.
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User Info: Flub-A-Dub

3 years ago#3
Better than spiritual predecessor The Geraway, which had concrete pedestrians that would sidestep into your car at every opportunity. Combine that with a long journey you have to make in 10 minutes or restart the whole journey again.

User Info: Thesuperstar2k

3 years ago#4
Midtown Express 2's pedestrians have the exact same way like LA Noire too.
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User Info: Link_2666

3 years ago#5
Mostly because the AI are programmed to have faster reflexes than the ones in GTA. They did this because of the whole setting in LA Noire. You're supposed to be a good cop upholding the law :P. However I did find that some of the AI can be run over and killed if you catch them off guard enough. If you're doing a case, I find civilian injuries will affect your rating proportionately more than property/vehicle damages. Certain things will result in an instant fail, such as killing your partner in OR out of combat and shooting a civilian/LAPD officer while in a gun fight.

I found rather strange that some people heavily criticized the game for the developers holding all these restrictions over you throughout the game. But to be honest, I think if they loosened it up too much, it would've ruined the whole mood/feel of the game.
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User Info: drclaeys

3 years ago#6

I found the driving in this game hard. but it was very true to the settings. With Saints row, and Far Cry 3, I was just driving crazy, as fast as I can, and crashing and bashing cars and people left and right. now in this game, you have to be SOOOOO careful.

For me, it took some of the fun out of it. It was too slow. But I did understand The logic.

thank you for sharing.
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User Info: jtrevor99

3 years ago#7
Yeah, I have to admit that I'm glad the pedestrians get out of the way more often. I'd prefer not to hit them if I can. That said, it seems like I have at least one idiot during every case that runs directly into my path, even when I have the siren going and everything. I almost wonder if the AI's programmed so there's a small chance of them doing that.
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  3. Why is it that sometimes when driving, you can run over people, sometimes not?

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