Roscoe & friends question

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User Info: joseth418

3 years ago#1
I know this is a stupid question but I'm an anxious person by nature & was just wondering, after I finish the game can i go back & do the cases with the guns I didn't use to get the Roscoe & friends trophy?

As in, can I just do a 1 or 2 cases in replay & still have it count without having to do the whole story again?

Sorry for the stupid question but it will soon be the only trophy I need & I really don't want to have to do the story from beginning to end again!.

Ya ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

User Info: Yami_Tantei

3 years ago#2
Yes, from the title screen choose cases and you'll be able to replay any case you've already completed.
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