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User Info: Runezero

9 years ago#1
According to this link: http://thisisgame.com/board/view.php?id=143229&category=115&subcategory=
Ragnarok Online 2 was awarded as the worst game of the year by the Korean MMO site, Thisisgame.com.
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User Info: Lin_Jian_Quan

9 years ago#2
i'd have to agree with them.

Nothing will top the original RO

User Info: da_siege

9 years ago#3
yeah... if only they did things the way RO did, but only in 3d. this game would've been so good.

User Info: chrono73

9 years ago#4
At this point in the game , the game does look somewhat soulless. I mean they still haven't implented ellr or dimago yet but it sort of seems to lack style and seems overall a little bland , especially for how big a budget title this is. I would expect it to have a little more "'wow"" factor to it but if a large percentage of the game is still incomplete and in development then I suppose only time will really tell. I'm not all that impressed with what is currently being shown , it seems a little depthless and doesn't retain that same spark of style and flavour as RO1.
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  3. Worst game of the year award...

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