pay to win?

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User Info: xJehodx

4 years ago#21
IndigoIce posted...
P2W is good to some extent.
You pay and sell cosmetic items, so you get fund your above average equips.
That is alright. It gives some reasons to pay for the game.

The ones that are dangerous are P2S = Pay to Survive.
I despise games that requires you to pay to explore contents.

E.g. Paid resurrection or healing items.
You pay for 1-time usage items just to survive in big raids.
That would be the worse business model.

This is what happened, atleast on AsiaSEA.
I have hope for Gravity and iRO.
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User Info: NinjaBoyLao

4 years ago#22
It seems like most people don't understand OP's meaning of Pay to win games.

First Free to play games are fine. It's understandable that they need the Cash Shop to survive. But there are 2 kinds of Free to play game, the good free to play games and the PAY TO WIN GAMES.

a good example of a free to play game with good cash shop is League of Legends and Dota 2, you can spend thousands of dollars to those game if you want, but it won't give you any ingame advantage because all they sell are just cosmetics. your money wont win you games. And both are doing good.

A really extreme example of Pay to Win game is Flyff(flyf for fun), where they are selling tons of booster that can multiply your HP more than 5X, your damage to 10x and getting a competitive gear is purely dependent on cash shop consumables. it's either you you grind for years to afford everything in game or Pay to Win both in PVP and PVE.

Ragnarok Online 2 is slightly leaning towards the Pay to Win area especially now that in less than a month since release in SEA, they are already selling keys to unlock boxes that contain Epic gears, currently these gear are not the top of the line but who knows what will they release next week or the coming months. But these gear surely outclass all the 2nd job gear until level cap. not to mention these box's crap content are potions that adds 3k hp for one hour(average hp of Blue geared level 50 ATM is 4-5K). Also Armor refinement and card refinement is impossible without cash shop.
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