Best DPS + overall class?

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User Info: IndigoIce

4 years ago#1
I'm about to create my 2nd character.

Which of the classes have the best DPS and overall playability?

I read some said bowmen and the magic users.
Rogue and assassins make good pvp but pvp isn't worth in RO2.
I read about Wizards not able to perform as well as Sorcerers.

User Info: WeiRdO618

4 years ago#2
From what I've seen and heard:

Rogue and Ranger probably have the highest DPS among the classes. Rogues can be pretty expensive to play since their buff comes from high quality pots.

Sorcerer is very versatile -can support with AoE heals and can do massive burst damage. All lot of good skills but not enough points to go around.

Wizards aren't bad, burst damage may not be as high as sorcerer but they have better AoE spells and their damage is probably more consistent (burns give DoT). Also might be a bit boring to play wizard since you'll be spamming firebolt+fireball even after the job change.

There is no 'best' class - all classes rely on each other during dungeons and raids. FS Priests are the most sought after class for parties.

User Info: IndigoIce

4 years ago#3
Thx for sharing, WeiRdO618. :)

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