Resident Evil 6: The Wikipedia game!

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User Info: sheridanmoviegu

9 years ago#11
Oh, yeah. Forgot the links:
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User Info: K9RowdyBoy

9 years ago#12

User Info: buddhamonster

9 years ago#13

And I want to also include this site I found.

It's a pretty good read about how wiki sites are all connected, very similar to how this game is played.
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User Info: stjimmy81

9 years ago#14
Here goes:

User Info: paperlugi

9 years ago#15

I didnt copy and paste, but Mine staretd with documentry films...

from there i wen tto bob dylan, then to billy joel, then his ex wife, then top chef, the bravo tv, then kathy griffin, i somehow go tot christopher walken, which got me brittany snow, then i got Kingom Hearts, found the guy who did the voice of Diz, who was in star wars..., then i found epsidoe one, found liam neason, found love actually and then i found sienna gullory, got to resident evil apocolypose, got the residenbt evil, then resident evil 5. ugh

User Info: paperlugi

9 years ago#16

okay links

User Info: thezombiemessia

9 years ago#17

Visit me at:
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