Final Battle between Chris and Wesker

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User Info: Mr_Cardboardbox

9 years ago#1
Okay, so lets say this is the final Resident Evil game, and in this game theres gonna be a actual FINAL battle between Chris and Wesker, they both put up an amazing fight but in the end, who would you want to win?

I'm not an anti Chris Redfield troll or anything like that (I've always loved the character since the original RE) BUT:
I would want Wesker to be the one who wins the fight. (We all know that Chris is going to be the one that ends up taking out Wesker) But this would be completely unexpectied and it would be a huge twist in the game...probaby the biggest twist in the series. I'd like to see a change for once: Have the major hero be killed by the main villain...Thats just me though =P

What about you guys?

User Info: ZoMbieWithiN

9 years ago#2
That would be a nice surprise, but if he lived, there would have to be another RE. Wesker and Umbrella have to die in order for every loose end to be tied up. Either way, I doubt this will be the last RE.

User Info: Town_of_Blue

9 years ago#3

I'd want Chris to win. Capcom would probably mess everything up if they made Wesker win.

User Info: jobot_5000

9 years ago#4
I want someone to win...this thing has dragged on long enough. I want chris to win of course, but should wesker survive I want him to turn into his monster form and be unable to change back because chris did irrepairable damage to his human body. fo' sho'. Something drastic needs to happen in this game.

User Info: ElusionM_08

9 years ago#5
And something drastic will happen. A LOT. Because they developers have stated a turning point in the series in Resident Evil 5. If you ask me, I say it is DEFINITELY the killing of Wesker by Chris and the introduction of Spencer........finally. The true villian and ass, will be introduced finally.

On_topic: I think Chris will win, and that is what I want to happen. Because otherwise the story will take an unexpected turn, and it will be a bad one.

Plus, it's already fore-seen anyways that it will be Chris that'll be standing victorious after the dust clears.

But I want the fights, yes, fights, to be epic, long and full of action. And then Spencer comes.

User Info: angel52

9 years ago#6

i want it to end in another stale mate

just because both are so effin cool

User Info: jobot_5000

9 years ago#7


Actually, that may not be true, we haven't seen a next gen wesker yet. For all we know he could have buffed up as well.

User Info: SuperAgentSmith

9 years ago#8
Chris is NOT stronger than Wesker.......As far as everybody knows, Chris is still your aver..well maybe a strong human..but still human. Wesker has been mutated by the virus he injected into himself, thus gaining strength that any human could not. After the virus, "buffness" has nothing to do with who is stronger...
Don't you realize your up against the perfect weapon!!!!

User Info: ElusionM_08

9 years ago#9
Chris is not our average strong person. There is a HUMONGOUS difference between an "average human" and a "strong human".

And Wesker being with his virus does not make him the strongest human being. Neither does it make him invincible or immortal. All we have seen is Wesker just give the "classic Chris" a mere set of 2-3 punches, and that

It's not like we have seen him actually destroy anything on Chris or any environments. He has so far done merely that Chris can do/or any other RE character. Save for the unbelievable fake jumps he does, that is.

User Info: ElusionM_08

9 years ago#10
Ok, well, I am not saying he's the super-dude, but all I was saying you are dis-crediting Chris too much in the view of Wesker.

However, we still have to see them both give it their all; and due to the classic cliche of the good guys always winning, I doubt Chris will lose to Wesker. Meh.'

Tofu FTW!
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