how to REALLY use Wesker's Rush ability!!!(sticky?)

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User Info: kniteflow

8 years ago#1
Since just about everything I've read about how to use Wesker's dash is imprecise or, in some cases, completely wrong, I decided to make a thread about it and tell people everything there is to know.

First, his dash is activated by pressing down the right analog stick. This will make Wesker enter a ready stance before he starts running. He is vulnerable to attacks at this point, and will not be able to dash if he is hit by an enemy attack. After this slight pause, however, he will dash forward at a very high speed, and be completely invulnerable to attacks until the dash is over. You can make him change directions slightly by tilting the right analog stick during the dash.

Once he starts dashing, you can make him do a _sharp_ change of direction (turn 60 ~180 degrees instantly) by pressing X (or A on the XBOX 360) while simultaneously tilting the _right_ analog stick in the desired direction. If you tilt the stick downwards and press X, then Wesker will turn around completely and dash in the opposite direction. You can do this rapid turn about 3 to 4 times. Also, this can only be done at the beginning of the dash. After that, you can only slightly alter his running direction by tilting the right stick.

And now for the most important part (the part that most guides usually get WRONG), here's how to do Wesker's Knee Cannon attack. Now, this may differ depending on what control scheme you are using, but to make Wesker lift up his knee for a devastating attack, press the FIRE button! This is the button that you press to fire your regular weapons with the aiming button held down (most guides tell you to press square, but chances are you have it set to the R1 or the Right Trigger). At anytime during Wesker's dash, if he's about to run straight into a majini, press the FIRE button to make him decapitate his enemy instantly with the mighty Knee Cannon! This can be done even towards the end of his dash, when you can no longer do rapid turns.

To be continued...
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User Info: kniteflow

8 years ago#2
Now for actual uses of the dash ability...

If you've been watching professional player's using Wesker, you will notice that they only use the dash in two occasions. One is to save time getting to another place (the next time bonus, or the next enemy spawn point), and the other is to score a quick melee kill with the Knee Cannon. The Knee Cannon will always kill a regular majini, but the timing of it can be very tricky. It deals a lot of damage to bosses as well – it's roughly the same as a magnum shot. Unlike an actual magnum shot, however, you can't follow it up with another melee attack of your own, even if the boss seems to be in the correct staggering animation.

You can find a great guide on other melee applications of the dash in Berserker's Mercenaries FAQ, including how to set up a finishing melee blow for your partner. But while it may be fun to use the rapid turns to dash in and out of a crowd of majinis, if you want a high score on your Mercenaries run, skillful aiming and Cobra Strikes are almost always the way to go. It's true that the dash attack deals decent damage and scores melee kills, but it's never the most time-efficient way to go. Having two Weskers aim for Cobra Strikes separately will always be much, much faster. Getting hit while Wesker is in his ready stance will mess up your time severely. You ever wonder how those people on the leaderboards get such amazing scores? They do it by aiming better and playing more carefully. Patience is the only thing that keeps your timer high, as funny as that may sound!
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User Info: konfuzedrebel

8 years ago#3
Thank You Sir for that explanation. I did not know how to do that.

This is not Sarcasm.
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User Info: SBConrad

8 years ago#4
His Knee Cannon isn't close to as strong as his Handcannon. I'm pretty sure it's about as strong as the Cobra Strike, if not a little weaker. It won't kill the agitator majini on the first hit unless it's a decap.
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User Info: RAMPAGE_3RB_

8 years ago#5
lol what my robot friend? his knee canoon is 100% critical if hit, without any previous damagae. A better info if you have 5 enemy around shoot twice each in chest if you skilled enough then press dash and turn back u get 5X5 secs out of mybe 10? so 15 sec extra thats just an extra nfo, i myself never really use it.
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User Info: Chilly82

8 years ago#6
Knite most people use the classic RE4 controls. Explain to us how to do it using those.

User Info: doofy102

8 years ago#7
^ R3 to dash, X to change direction, Squar to cannon-kick.

I killed someone in survivors once with the cannon-kick LMAO if you can master it, it becomes very useful in some situations.
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User Info: Snakehead11

8 years ago#8

konfuzedrebel posted...
Thank You Sir for that explanation. I did not know how to do that.

This is not Sarcasm.
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^This made me laugh.

Thanks for the explanation, i never really used dash before.

User Info: Raeng

8 years ago#9
Very nice guide! just one thing to add, you can also kill the chicken with the Dash (by running over him). Netting you a nice +5 seconds!
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