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User Info: Matty0289

7 years ago#1
Okay, I've seriously seen like the same questions 5 times or more; Before, AND After the current release of the DLC of Resident Evil 5, Lost in Nightmares & Mercenaries Reunion. I'm sure many others have noticed this too.. So, I'm going to make a simple FAQ for people that have questions about Mercenaries, Mercenaries Reunion, and Lost in Nightmares. Along with some Versus Mode questions too. Some of these questions are common-sense to anyone that knows how to use PSN, but there's always a first someone don't know, so I'll cover those aspects too.. So hopefully with this FAQ, there will be less repeated Questions, Topics, etc..

Q- How do I get "Lost in Nightmares"
A- You have to buy Lost in Nightmares, from the Playstation Store.. The cost of Lost in Nightmares is $4.99

Q- How do I get "Mercenaries Reunion"
A- Once you buy Lost in Nightmares from PS Store, Mercenaries Reunion will come with it free.

Q- What is "Lost in Nightmares"?
A- Lost in Nightmares, is, shall we say, a "Hidden Chapter" in the game of Resident Evil 5. It's the flashback that Chris tells Sheva, in the beginning of Chapter 3-1, in the Story Mode. It's about what happend a few years earlier with Chris and his partner, Jill. It takes place at the Spencer Estate.

Q- What is "Mercenaries Reunion"?
A- Mercenaries Reunion is not much different than Mercenaries. There are several similarities, but some differences too. The point of Mercenaries Reunion is basically the same as Mercenaries Mode. Your objective is to kill as many of the Majini as you can, if not all of them *150 enemies average*. You can do this either Solo *Alone* or with a partner *Duo*. Each character starts with out given items & Weapons, and you can Use them or Discard them. You need to utilize all your skills you've aquired in Resident Evil 5, collect time, and try to keep a Combo from being lost.

Q- There are new Costumes for Chris & Sheva? How do I get them?
A- You have to buy the "Costume Pack #1" from the Playstation Store.. The cost of "Costume Pack #1", is $1.99. This Costume Pack contains the "Warrior Chris, and Fairy Tale Sheva" attire.

Q- Who does "Mercenaries Reunion" come with? Who are all the characters?
A- Mercenaries Reunion comes with 4 out of 8 characters, only assuming you bought the Lost in Nightmares, AND Costume Pack #1. The 4 characters that you can choose in Mercenaries Reunion are as follows. Barry Burton, Excella Gionne, Sheva Alomar *Fairy Tale*, and Chris Redfield *Warrior*

Q- There are spots for more characers besides the four you mentioned above, how do I unlock them?
A- You do "NOT" *Unlock Them*. The 4 remaining spots are for the following characters. Josh Stone, Rebecca Chambers, Chris Redfield (Heavy Metal), and Sheva Alomar (Business).

Q- If I do not Unlock the other 4 remaining characters, how can I get them?
A- Next month, March of 2010 there will be a new another DLC you can buy from the Playstation Store. It will be available March 3'rd, or March 4'th, when the new DLC, *Desperate Escape, and Costume Pack #2), comes out. *I forget the date*.

Q- Are there new Stages in "Mercenaries Reunion"?
A- No. There are NO new stages in Mercs Reunion. Mercenaries / Mercs Reunion are two different selections to choose from. Just as Story Mode and Mercenaries, are two different selections to choose from, so is the two selections of Mercenaries.

User Info: Matty0289

7 years ago#2
Q- What is the difference between Mercenaries / Mercenaries Reunion?
A- There's not a LOT of differences, but there are a few. Differences below that I've noticed in my experience thus far of Mercenaries Reunion.. There are maybe more, I don't know yet. I haven't played a whole lot of Reunion.

1: Most stages (that I've played thus far), have a bigger variety of enemies. *For example, there are now Duvalias, in the Public Assembly*

2: As you may have noticed in Mercenaries Original, there is a "Chicken" at each stage on Mercenaries that stays within a certain area of each Stage.. The location of the Chicken in Mercs Reunion, is now possibly in a different Location, than it used to be in Mercenaries Original.

3: The "Time Bonuses" to keep more time on the Clock, are now possibly in different Locations, than they were on Mercenaries Original. Some "Timers", are in the same spot, but some are now different.

Q- I have Mercenaries Reunion and Versus Mode, can I use all the characters in one mode?
A- No. You can NOT use Mercenaries Reunion characters in Versus Mode, just as you can't use Vs. Mode characters in Mercenaries.

There, I took time out of my life to write this up, so hopefully it will benefit everyone and will bring less "Repeated Questions & Topics", about the recently new and shortly upcoming release of Resident Evil 5 DLC. If at all possibly, try keeping this on Page 1 for a lengthly amount of time, so people don't keep spamming the Message Boards with a question that's been answered 1,000 times..

Thanks, Matty

User Info: gerryfuss

7 years ago#3
Maybe you know the answer to this question. I noticed the 1st time playing mercs reunion that sheva and chris had a different special move. For sheva when aproaching a fallen enemy she pulled out 2 blades instead of one and did a double sweep with them over the enemy. Chris's upercut was changed to look more like Ryu or Ken from Street fighter 2 doing an upercut which i think looks cool. The thing is this only seemed to occur on the 1st day i was playing it. Now when i am playing it the specials are back to the way they were in regular mercenaries. Any ideas why this may be?

User Info: Matty0289

7 years ago#4
The reason this happend is because there are "Partner combonations".

If you use Barry & Chris--> They each alter at least 1-2 attacks, into something new.

Same with Excella & Sheva--> They each alter 1-2 attacks, into a new one.

I hear it will be the same with the upcoming release of the new DLC in March.
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User Info: patacabbit

7 years ago#6
Nice post Matty, now get back onto the PS so we can bust up some majini!!
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User Info: Cartwheel_Kick

7 years ago#7
MERCENARIES REUNION: High combo is now more important than melee attacks.

User Info: DeadSpaced

7 years ago#8
Stick to the ied.
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User Info: Sol4688

7 years ago#9
Golly, pestilence, I bet you're feeling awfully silly right about now.
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User Info: Kain18

7 years ago#10
I bought the additional costumes pack. but the costumes are lined in read How do I unlock them???
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