merc tips to help u not get booted

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User Info: AssassinRA

4 years ago#1
I see a lot of complaints about getting kicked from games and know some tips that will help ppl bypass that boot or quit from a game.

First I am a merc veteran though my days of going for big scores are in the past. I mainly help ppl as now regardless of play level. Though even I still occasionally quit if players do certain things.

1. Picking Sheva tribal though she has her uses, will get u booted by a lot of veterans.

2.learn to melee and learn your characters instant kill melee and how to do it.

3. Shotgun spamming by a partner who is trying to melee will get u booted. !!! This is a big no

4. Learn invincibility frames. You cannot be damaged while you ; melee, pick up something, climb ladder, jump over something, break timer.

5. Be self reliant and stay seperate; the ai gets confused on who to attack if u are close to your partner. This means they run around a lit more and are tougher to aim.

6. Don't stand still to long. Do max 2 HG shots and move. If you have to stand still rock back and forth a few steps.

7. Use quick menu to reload; [ ] on ammo then [ ] on gun to reload it. U can do this during invincibility frames too to make things seamless.

8. Flash grenades kill parasites instantly.

9. Try your hardest to keep combo even if you have to pull out your strongest gun. Sometimes a dropped combo can't be helped but it doesnt stop the ability to ss the stage.

I hope these tips help newer players. There are great FAQs about mercs too.

If ppl need help to SS a stage or would like to go for a higher score I'm more than willing to help.
I love mines, hate village, am looking to score bigger in experimental factory.

PSN : Calibur14

User Info: Lovethepython

4 years ago#2
Cool I dont play mercs that much, because people boot for no reason sometimes. I want a hand on Mercs reunion with SS.

So far I've got all Public Assembly and Village and need 4 more on the Mines. I'm focusing on the most popular stages first.

Add me if you want to help me out. I also could help on Experimental facility.
PSN ID: TurnipGuy
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User Info: SlNFUL

4 years ago#3
I never randomly kick ppl cause of their skills if anything I welcome newbies to try to help them get better ppl aren't born pro in a game you have to practice and if ppl won't give em a chance how will they get better? This is a helpful guide if your trying to be a high hitter but seeing how the leadeboard been overrun by hackers whats even the point trying to hit 1m points after all SS is still SS as long as you hit over 150k points lol i say play to have fun and enjoy the game xD
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User Info: AssassinRA

4 years ago#4
These arent really high hitter tips. a lot of these area very basic merc tips.

Whether you are new to mercs or Vet, everyone hates to get Grabbed, hit and reload animations.

learning just some of these tips will increase your score vastly.

and though some people are just trying to SS and it doesnt matter as long as you get over 150k.

The true fun and addiction to Mercs is improving that SS score whether its 300k or 900k

User Info: tlcstormz

4 years ago#5
Another Tip :

There are two mercenaries modes...........
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User Info: Syn_Vengeance

4 years ago#6
Anybody wanna help a guy out, I had RE5 on 360 but now i have it on ps3. So I have nonr of my scores and always get kicked. Im a bit rusty but not bad.

Psn is buddy43, I have both versions of mercs since I have RE5 gold.
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